SCT Discount Last Minute! Big Decrease in New Vehicle Prices After SCT Deduction!

OTV Discount Last Minute
OTV Discount Last Minute

📩 13/08/2021 13:07

A change was made in the SCT base limits that will be valid in automobile purchase and sale transactions. The Presidential Decision containing the amendment was published in the Official Gazette. After the regulation, a reduction in automobile prices between 3.3 percent and 16.6% is expected.

With the President's decision published in today's issue of the Official Gazette, a new regulation was made based on engine cylinder volume ranges and special consumption tax bases.

Accordingly, up to 1600 cm3 cylinder volume, the tax base limit in the 45 percent SCT segment was increased from 85 thousand liras to 92 thousand TL. The new tax base limit of motor vehicles whose tax base limit exceeds 85 thousand liras and does not exceed 130 thousand liras and is within the 50 percent SCT limit has been increased to between 92 thousand and 150 thousand TL.

For passenger cars with an engine cylinder volume exceeding 1600 cm3 and not exceeding 2000 cm3, the tax base has been increased from 85 thousand – 135 thousand TL to 114 thousand – 170 thousand TL. The SCT segments of 45 percent, 50 percent and 80 percent applied to the vehicles in question were preserved.

OTV discount, big drop in zero vehicle prices after the last minute otv discount

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