ITU İstinye Funicular Line with 3 Stations Will Bring the Metro to the Bosphorus

The unique funicular with a station will meet the metro with the Bosphorus
The unique funicular with a station will meet the metro with the Bosphorus

IMM has started the tender process for a unique 3-station funicular line, which will be built for the first time in Turkey. 22 companies submitted bids for the ITU - İstinye Funicular Line tender, which will bring the metro together with the sea. It is aimed that the line will be put into service in a short period of 780 days.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) went out to tender for the funicular line with stations, which will be implemented for the first time in Turkey and which is rare in the world. IMM Rail System Department European Side Rail Systems Directorate's “ITU – İstinye Funicular Line Construction, Electromechanical and Vehicle Purchase Work” tender was held at the İBB Bakırköy additional service building.

4734 companies applied to the tender, which was held with the "Tender Procedure among Certain Bidders", in which all those who wish could participate within the framework of Article 20 of the Public Procurement Law No. 22. In the live-broadcast tender, the files submitted by the IMM Tender Commission to the tender commission of the participants were opened and their pre-qualifications were examined. At the first stage, in which the compliance of the submitted documents with the legislation was examined, it was determined that 21 companies submitted proposals. After the evaluation of the commission, 35 days later, the second stage of the tender will be taken, and the winning consortium will be determined. Then, the construction phase, which is determined as 780 days, will be started.

ITU - İstinye Funicular Line, which will be the first 3-station funicular in Turkey, will be 2 meters long. The rail system, which will be integrated with the Yenikapı – Hacıosman Metro, will be built with a maximum slope of 650 percent and will have a capacity to carry 12 passengers per hour in one direction when completed. The length of the ITU and İstinye stations of the funicular will be 3.000 meters. The length of Reşitpaşa Station, which will be located in the middle part, will be 80 meters.

The rail system, which will bring the metro together with the coastal road and the Bosphorus in İstinye, will be connected to the City Lines pier. The system, which will be supported by sea, will alleviate the burden of existing bridges and tube crossings between the Asian and European continents in Istanbul. The project will take the passenger and traffic load of Sarıyer and Beykoz districts in particular.

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