2600 Years of Tradition, Urla Vintage Events

annual tradition urla vintage events
annual tradition urla vintage events

📩 13/08/2021 15:10

The International Urla Vintage Festival, which witnessed 2600 years ago, was celebrated with an event held in our district this year. Due to the natural disasters and the pandemic process in our country, various activities and entertainments were not included in this year's event.

The event held in Urla Cumhuriyet Square was attended by Mayor v. District Governor Murtaza Dayanç, District Chamber of Agriculture President Muharrem Uslucan, İBB Agricultural Services Department Head Şevket Meriç, unit managers, chamber heads, NGOs, political party representatives and citizens from Urla attended.

The Urla Vintage Event, the day when grape honey and olive oil fell, started with the tractor cortege of the farmers. At the stands set up in Cumhuriyet Square, farmers exhibited their products and offered them for sale. Grape juice was offered to the citizens at the event, where traditional grape squeezing took place.


Dayanç emphasized the importance of agriculture in his speech within the scope of the Urla Vintage Event; “As the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said, 'The Peasant is the Master of the Nation'. We will always protect our producers and our agriculture. We have once again understood how important agriculture and production are during the pandemic process. I have no doubt that agriculture will increase even more in our district, which has been in an important position with agricultural production for years. We are always with our producer and we will always give our producer the best support we can.”

Muharrem Uslucan, President of the Chamber of Agriculture; “The event we have done has been a lifeline for our producers to some extent. Urla is an agricultural city. We will continue to do our best to increase agriculture and to bring producers and consumers together directly.”

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