D-Marin Expands its Global Marina Network in Croatia

d marin expands its marina network in croatia
d marin expands its marina network in croatia

'Marina Tribunj', one of the popular destinations of boat tourism, has become the new member of the D-Marin Global Marina Network, which is growing day by day with superior service quality.

D-Marin Global Marina Network has added Marina Tribunj to its portfolio as the fourth of its marinas in Croatia. Marina Tribunj is also the fifteenth of the group's top service quality boat destinations serving the Mediterranean and United Arab Emirates regions and growing day by day.

Marina Tribunj is located in the very center of the Dalmatian coast, which opens to the Adriatic Sea, in the middle of D-Marin Mandalina and D-Marin Dalmacija, which are currently serving within the group. Evaluated as a quiet boutique marina with a capacity of 220 moorings and 50 dry berths and a fully equipped boatyard, Marina Tribunj will further increase D-Marin's existing 1.760 mooring capacity in Croatia. In addition to the restaurants, shops and similar facilities in the area, the facilities in the marina include a fuel station, boat technical service, restaurant and accommodation facilities.

Olivier Dörschuck, CEO of D-Marin, said: “We are delighted to have included Marina Tribunj in our network. With excellent facilities and outstanding customer service provided by experienced marina staff, our marina has everything a boat could need. It is also one of the best sailing destinations in the world with its location close to the islands. We can say that transportation to Marina Tribunj, our fourth investment in Croatia, is quite effortless, both by road and by air, especially in this difficult period. Thanks to this ease of transportation, we can offer attractive opportunities to our customers by being among the elite destinations in the world.”

Marina Tribunj manager Tomislav Paškvalin said: “As a team, we are very happy to be a part of the D-Marin marina network. Our common desire is to provide our customers with the highest level of service and to be able to cruise to many destinations in Croatia with their boats. Therefore, joining the D-Marin marina network is a very good development for Marina Tribunj.”

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