Reaction to the Decision to Move TCDD's Workshops in Adana to Mersin

Reaction to the decision to relocate the tcdd's ateliers in adana
Reaction to the decision to relocate the tcdd's ateliers in adana

Republican People's Party (CHP) Adana Deputy Ayhan Barut reacted to the decision to move the wagon and locomotive workshops of the State Railways in Adana to the Logistics Center established in Mersin Yenice.

Stating that Adana's values ​​are being lost one by one, Barut said that approximately 400 civil servants, workers, machinists and technicians working in the workshops will also be victimized. Emphasizing that they are worried that the lands where the workshops to be evacuated in the city center will be sacrificed for rent, Barut said, “All the values ​​of Adana, from highways to the airport, are being lost. The government should stop punishing Adana, which has not received the necessary share from public investments," he said.


CHP Adana Deputy Ayhan Barut stated that it was decided to move the wagons and locomotive workshops of TCDD Transportation Inc. in Adana until 500 due to the Logistics Center built by TCDD on an area of ​​approximately 2022 decares in Mersin Yenice. It was said that a Logistics Center would be established in Adana, and that the maintenance and repair workshops in Adana and the workers working there would be moved there. According to the latest situation, the relocation process will be completed in 8. What will happen will happen to Adana, to the laborers working here, to the lands where the workshops are located in the city center," he said.


Stating that dozens of factories from TEKEL to Güney Sanayi and Aksantaş were privatized and closed during the AKP period in Adana, regional directorates of public institutions were moved from Highways to TRT, Ayhan Barut said that Adana Airport would also be closed due to Çukurova Regional Airport. Stating that he did not undertake the debts and the construction of the second stage of the Adana Metro, despite the promise of the government, Barut said, "Unfortunately, Adana, which is the locomotive city of our Republic in every field from economy to industry, from agriculture to sports, could not get the necessary share from public investments, it was victimized by unfair incentive practices and in this process it suffered greatly. painfully taken back. The government should stop punishing Adana," he said.


Stating that approximately 400 officers, workers, machinists and technicians are working in the wagon and locomotive workshops of TCDD, which is planned to be moved to Mersin Yenice, Ayhan Barut said: “Adana will lose blood again due to this relocation. Our working brothers and sisters working here will also be adversely affected by this process. In addition, we are concerned that the lands in the city center where the workshops to be evacuated will be sacrificed for rent. These workshops meet the need and it is not essential to move them. If this relocation happens, only one station will remain in Adana, where passengers can get on and off. We cannot accept this. The government should know that Adana is not a stepchild and an owner. But during the AKP rule, Adana is constantly being taken back.”

Source: Adana/Universal

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