One Day Before YKS Exam, Pay Attention!

Pay attention to these the day before the yks exam
Pay attention to these the day before the yks exam

The YKS exam, which will be attended by 3 million people, will be held on 26-27 June. It's time to put a good point in exam studies. What are the technical preparations to be made before the exam? How to spend the last day before YKS? What should you pay attention to on the exam day? Tugba Zırıh, Guidance Specialist of Istanbul Rumeli University, answered these questions as follows:

'Go to your exam venue in advance'

Exam entrance locations have been announced recently at Be sure to print it out and keep it. You will be able to enter the exam hall with your exam entrance document and photo ID. Arrive at your exam venue in advance. You will both determine your mode of transportation for the morning of the exam, and going in advance will give you the confidence to go to the place you know on the morning of the exam. Jewelry such as watches, rings, necklaces, earrings and no electronic devices will be allowed in the exam halls. There will be a clock in every hall where you can see it. You can take unpackaged water to the exam hall. Pen, eraser and sharpener will be given to you in the exam hall.

"Do not consume unfamiliar foods the day before the exam"

Armor, who says to engage in activities that will relax you physically and mentally the day before the exam, listed his recommendations as follows: "Stay away from activities that tire your eyes and mind, watching television for a long time and playing computer games. It is beneficial to eat light meals in the evening. Do not consume unfamiliar foods. Do not force yourself to go to bed early in the evening, go to sleep when you are sleepy. Even if you sleep less than normal, this will not affect your performance until noon. Before the exam, from television programs that will spoil your morale and motivation, from people you don't like, and from sohbetAvoid. Talking positive things with loved ones will increase your motivation and trigger you to be successful. Finally, check the documents you need to take with you.”

''Avoid excessive fluid consumption on the exam day''

Istanbul Rumeli University Guidance Specialist Tuğba Zırıh is about what candidates should pay attention to on the exam day; “Eat a light breakfast on the day of the exam. Avoid excessive fluid consumption. Wear a comfortable outfit. Don't forget to take your documents. There is no need to go to the exam place very crowded, you can go to the exam with someone who gives you confidence. Considering the traffic, it would be beneficial to go to the exam site early,'' he concluded.

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