The World's Unicorn Startup, Market Values ​​Over $5 Trillion

The market values ​​of startups, which are unicorns in the world, are over a trillion dollars.
The market values ​​of startups, which are unicorns in the world, are over a trillion dollars.

According to CBInsights data, as of the beginning of June, the number of unicorn startups in the world was 708. The total market value of the unicorns on the list has exceeded $2,3 trillion. Today's popular technology giants (Apple, Facebook, Alibaba, Google, Tesla, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest etc.)

In the first 2021 months of 5, 174 new startups managed to get their name on the global unicorn list. In fact, there are billion-dollar technology investments that have passed the unicorn threshold, but are not included in the current list with their current value, since there is no share sale or exit. When these are added, we can easily say that the number of unicorns in the world is over a thousand, and the total value of unicorns exceeds 5 trillion dollars.

There are 2 companies from Turkey on the CBInsights list: Getir and Peak Games. However, when we look at their transaction volume, market penetration and peer startup benchmarks, we can rank sahibinden, Hepsiburada, Trendyol, N11, Yemeksepeti among the “unicorns” originating from Turkey.

The global logistics industry is rapidly digitizing with technology startups

Expressing that the global logistics industry, which has reached a size of 2025 trillion dollars in 8, is rapidly digitalizing with technology startups, TTT Global Group Chairman of the Board Dr. Akin Arslan said:

“With the effect of the pandemic, the logistics sector is one of the sectors where digital transformation is most intense. Logistics is digitizing and transforming faster than expected. The global logistics industry, which runs to 2025 trillion dollars in 8, is shaped by logistics technology startups. US logistics technology companies Coyote, Convoy, Project44, Next Trucking, CloudTrucks, Flexport, Fourkites, Uber Freight, Chinese Manbang, Indian Delhivery, Blackbuck and Rivigo, Brazilian CargoX unicorn stand out as digital platforms that cross the threshold and continue to grow rapidly. For example, Chinese Manbang received a new investment of $2019 billion in the last quarter of 1.9, surpassing a valuation of $12 billion. It is now preparing to do an IPO in the US at a value of $30 billion. Manbang controls 10 million trucks in China. In Europe, Sennder, a rapidly growing German-based logistics technology company that surprisingly incorporated Uber Freight Europe and French Everoad in 2019, draws attention. Sennder is among the startups that passed the unicorn threshold in 2021 with the new investment it received in the past months. Tirport stands out in logistics technologies from Turkey. Tırport, the logistics technology startup that has become the largest digital platform in its region, aims to reach a market share of 3% in Turkey alone in the next 7,5 years and manage to transport 30 thousand trucks per day.

Tirport on his way to becoming a Unicorn

Underlining that Turkey hosts the largest truck market in Europe with the number of trucks reaching 870 thousand as of June, TTT Global Group President Dr. Akin Arslan said:

“Turkey is a country that shines as a qualified and close production base right next to Europe. There is a reciprocal transport traffic with only Europe, reaching 4.500 trucks per day. Almost 55% of Turkey's exports are to Europe. Logistics technologies will become much more important in the coming period. More than 90% of trucks in Turkey are privately owned. This dispersed portfolio can only be managed with effective and smart technologies and mobile application supported digital platforms. Smart digital platforms stand out as the place where truckers, cargo owners and logistics companies can maximize their earnings together and increase operational efficiency. While the top 10 logistics companies operating in Turkey have a total market share of 5% in the market, logistics technology startup Tirport, which has become the largest digital platform in its region with its global customers it has acquired in the last 6 months, will have a 3% share in Turkey in the next 7,5 years. It aims to reach 30 market shares alone and manage to transport XNUMX thousand trucks per day. The Turkish brand Tı is on its way to becoming a Unicorn in the logistics industry.”

Turkish logistics sector attracts the attention of global actors

Stating that the daily FTL transportation potential in Turkey, which reaches 450 thousand, attracts the attention of global actors, TTT Global Group President Dr. Akın Arslan continued his speech as follows:

“Technological investments in logistics are increasing and becoming widespread in Turkey as well. In the category of digital freight services, Tırport stands out with its daily FTL transport traffic of 3.500, with more than 70 member truckers and artificial intelligence supported SaaS services developed for logistics companies. We see Borusan Holding's eTA in the digital freight services category again in the market. Global brands such as Fourkites, Trans-EU, Saloodo have started to operate in the Turkish market and are trying to understand the market. Initiatives such as Frachtbox, ASNAK, Kamion and Navlungo are gaining ground in the market with the business models they have developed. OPLOG and Parkpalet in the field of e-commerce storage, and on the road in the field of LTL (Partial) Transport stand out among the notable initiatives. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, it has triggered the emergence of very ambitious high-tech initiatives in the field of “last mile warehousing”. As of the beginning of 2022, very ambitious new technology investments will enter the Turkish market.”

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