Let's do it in Samsun.

Let's do it in Samsun.
We are talking about the importance of these social networking sites.
Example Facebook.

This sharing site is the world's most important information sharing site as well as playing an important role in providing communication.

The case called the Arab Spring, Tunisian young people started the uprising in Tunisia with the announcements started on this site you know.

Then Mısırı young people gathered in Tahrir Square by communicating through Facebook and giving information to one another in spite of the repressive attitude of Hüsnü Mubarak administration.

In the face of the power of the people, Mubarak's generals took sides with the youth they had put pressure on.

It is so important that you say '' Facebook ''.

Burhan Taneri and Embiya Sancak directed by the Samsun Platform group, shares on Facebook. There was another group called Samsun Talking. There are thousands of these sites.

Samsun Platform has been a follower of many projects related to Samsun. One of these projects is the High Speed ​​Train project that is desired to work between Samsun and Ankara.

Before the high-speed train project was on the agenda, the notables of Samsun wanted the Samsun - Sivas railway line to be connected to Ankara by separating from Kırıkkale with a line.

The deputy minister of transport also recently said that it should be said.

But the members of the Samsun Platform and Samsun talking sites want the High Speed ​​Train project to take place as soon as possible. And they share every opportunity to create public opinion for this to happen.

They're trying to keep it on the agenda.

Yakup Guven, one of the members of these two groups, wrote a letter to the Minister of Transportation and Communications Binali Yıldırm and asked, ve What happened to the Samsun-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project? Bu.

The Minister did not respond to him, but on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure Investments, Deputy General Director of a General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments T. Metin Tahan, the Minister has responded to him on behalf.

He says that the project is not shelved, unlike the representative of the General Director who answers on behalf of the minister. Kirikkale-Samsun railway project is prepared for the implementation of the project with the completion of the project AnkaraSamsun in Ankara between the double-line, signalized and electrified lines will be laid.

Our politicians, unfortunately, did not respond to what has been asked in this matter for a long time. But a facebook user can do what our politicians do not have been able to get information about us.

I believe that Samsun - Ankara high-speed train project can be completed in a shorter time than anticipated and predicted, if the public in Samsun is more sensitive on this issue.

Just ask, or ask for.

Is happening.

Come on, Samsun, do it!

Source: targethalk

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