Hyperloop begins testing in 2016

Hyperloop starts testing in 2016: Hyperloop Technologies, established for Hyperloop technology, announced as the Ultra Speed ​​Train, will get the CEO and will start the tests in 2016.

Hyperloop technology, which was introduced in the past months, has managed to attract attention since the day it was announced as ultra fast trains of the future. This journey, which takes approximately six hours, has the ability to download up to two and a half hours. Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla, is one of the biggest supporters of this project with his own space firm SpaceX.

With the absence of any gases or gasoline emissions, the project will be 100% sensitive to the nature we are accustomed to from Musk. If he does not prevent him in any way, he will be able to reach even higher speeds.

1300 km speed transportation project per hour: Hyperloop

Imagine that you're placed in a car-sized capsule and the capsule is moving in a tube at a speed of 1300 per hour. Moreover, not for fun, to reach your destination.



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