TEI Aviation Engines School Selected as the Best Distance Education Program

tei aviation motors school was chosen the best distance education program
tei aviation motors school was chosen the best distance education program

The TEI Aviation Engines School program, organized by TEI, Turkey's leading company in aviation engines, for students aiming for a career in the aviation industry, is organized by Anbean, an employer brand consultancy firm that is in contact with student clubs of more than 200 universities and organizes student-industry meetings between companies and universities. It was chosen as the best distance education program at the “Anbean Yanımda Awards”.

The training given for 18 weeks at TEI Aviation Engines School, which was ranked 28st in the category of "#I am with me with my trainings" in the voting held on the internet between May 12.500th and 1th with the participation of 14 people, offers the opportunity to get to know the sector closely and to have information about aviation engines. .

The program, which 25 TEIAKADEMİ internal trainers contribute to the preparation of training materials and the conduct of the courses, will have its first graduates in June. Students who successfully complete the program will be included in the evaluation pool in TEI's recruitment and long-term internship programs. TEI Aviation Engines School, attended by more than 167 students studying at 5.000 different universities in Turkey and abroad, will open its doors to new students every year with up-to-date content.

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