Turkey's Largest Graffiti at Istanbul Airport

Turkey's largest graffiti at Istanbul airport
Turkey's largest graffiti at Istanbul airport

6 leading graffiti artists of Turkey, under the leadership of Filli Boya and İGA, made graffiti work on a 5-meter-long wall at Istanbul Airport, which stands out with the services it offers to its passengers as the world's most important global transfer center and 600-star airport.

The leader of the Turkish paint industry, Filli Boya, the operator of Istanbul Airport, IGA, and the General Directorate of Highways have joined forces to color the 600-meter-long wall on the Istanbul Airport road. While carrying out this special work, the project partners Filli Boya and IGA agreed with Emir Aktunç, Emrullah Örünklü, Furkan Birgün, İbrahim Kurtuluş, Can Berk El, Yusuf Aygeç, who are among the leading painters/graffiti artists of Turkey.

The children of the world were depicted together in the work with the theme “Children's Dreams of Flight”, which was made on a wall of 3.500 m² at Istanbul Airport, the world's most important global transfer hub. The paint and auxiliary materials of the work, which is the biggest graffiti in Turkey, were provided by Filli Boya, which has always stood out with its power in the paint industry, its colors and its support for art.

IGA Istanbul Airport Corporate Communications Department, IGA design team and Filli Boya-Betek Boya teams contributed to the works, which were completed in 45 months with the participation of a total of 4 people, including artists. While the creative setup and business plan of the work were done by BUBU Design Reklamcılık, all product support of the work was provided by Filli Boya. An average of 3.500 m² of area was painted with primer and floor paints.

All the colors used in Turkey's largest graffiti work were specially designed by Filli Boya's R&D department. A special collection was created by carefully preparing the colors and structure of the products. Filli Boya also contributed to the correct floor application by making analyzes and tests on the floor.

Adverse weather conditions were taken into account as the works were carried out in an open area and on a wall close to 600 meters. For the realization of the project, 2 artist caravans, 3 containers, 10 cranes and 3 generators provided continuous service.

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