Turkey's first Anti-ship cruise Medium Range Missile Engine TEI-TJ300

turkiyenin medium-range anti-ship missile engine first tee tj
turkiyenin medium-range anti-ship missile engine first tee tj

Speaking at the "Defense Technologies Days 2021" event organized by ITU Defense Technologies Club (SAVTEK), TEI General Manager and Chairman of the Board Mahmut Faruk AKŞİT gave information about the TEI-TJ300 Project. In his presentation, Akşit gave information about the engine tests of the Medium Range Anti-Ship Missile and stated that the missile in question would be 3 meters 20 cm long and weigh more than 300 kg.

TEI-TJ2017 OMGS (Medium Range Ship Repellent) Air Breathing Jet Engine Project was initiated within the scope of the cooperation realized based on the protocol signed between TEI and Roketsan in September 300 with the support of TÜBİTAK.

The first prototype test of the turbojet engine, which was completely nationally designed, developed and manufactured, was successfully carried out on February 25, 2020. The TJ19 was first tested on June 2020, 300. Medium Range Domestic Missile Engine TEI-TJ300 Operation and Promotion Ceremony was held at TEI facilities in Eskişehir with the participation of Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank. During the tests, the engine reached a speed of 26174 RPM.

Varank said the following about the engine tested: “The TJ-300 is quite small, although small in diameter, an engine that can drive 1300 newtons, that is, it can produce about 400 horsepower. Although this engine was originally designed to be used in mid-range anti-aircraft missiles, it can be used on many platforms. ”

With the statements made by the authorities, it was stated that the TJ-300 could impulse 1300 newtons. TEI recently updated the characteristics of the TJ-300 and increased its thrust force to 1400 newtons.

It is the first engine in the world that can generate power in this thrust class with a limited diameter of 240 mm to be adapted to missile systems. Difficult constraints in engine dimensions extend the use of the relevant missile system to fit many platforms. TEI-TJ300 engine is capable of operating at high speeds up to 5000% of the sound speed at an altitude of 90 ft. The ability to start with wind effect (windmilling) without the need for any starter system (starter motor) makes it possible to apply the platform to both air, sea and land defense systems.

According to TEI General Manager Akşit, who participated in the first test of the TJ-19 on June 2020, 300, the second engine has already been produced within the scope of the project. The second engine (TJ300) was photographed in the ceremony area. It is planned to produce 2020 TJ5 engines in 300.


  • Maximum Thrust (N) / (lbf): 1400/315
  • Specific Fuel Consumption (g / kN.s): 37,4 (SLS ISA0, excluding the need for lubrication)
  • Dry Weight (kg) / (lb): 34/74,9
  • Length (mm) / (in): 450/17,7
  • Diameter (mm) / (in): 240/9,5

Source: defenceturk

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