The Date for Teacher Appointments Has Been Determined: How Many Teachers Will Be Appointed From Which Branch?

The date for appointment of teachers has been announced, from which branch how many teachers will be appointed
The date for appointment of teachers has been announced, from which branch how many teachers will be appointed

2021 year, 20 thousand contracted teacher recruitment schedule and quotas have been announced. Pre-application and oral exam center preferences will be announced on 15-26 March, and the announcement of the exam centers where candidates will take the oral exam will be held on May 3.

After the pre-application to be taken on 15-26 March, the oral exams will be held on 17 May-6 June, and the results will be announced on 8 July. Objections to the oral exam results will be received between 12-16 July and finalized on 2 August.

In addition, candidates who could not participate in the oral exam within the scope of quarantine due to the Kovid-19 outbreak will also make their applications on 17 May-18 June. Oral exams of candidates in this situation will be held between 21-25 June.

The appointment preferences will be received on September 1-6, and the results will be announced on September 8.

Applications will be received electronically

In contracted teacher applications, the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) score types (KPSSP2019 and KPSSP2020- KPSSP10) will be taken into account according to the fields to which candidates will be appointed. Candidates will need to have a score of 121 or above of the relevant type to be able to apply.

Successfully completing one of the Secondary Field Teaching Master's Program or Pedagogical Formation Program / Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program, except for those who will be assigned to the fields where the needs of those who have graduated from higher education programs that constitute a resource for teaching, are also among the application requirements. In this context, the documents of those who have completed the pedagogical formation training certificate program before January 1, 2021 will be accepted.

Pre-applications to be invited to the oral exam for contract teaching will be taken from the website "". The entire pre-application process will be carried out electronically; candidates will not submit documents, have their applications approved, or go to provincial or district national education directorates for any reason.

Candidates whose graduation constitutes a resource in more than one field will be able to apply for a pre-application to be assigned to only one field.

The areas to be appointed the most were classroom teachers with a quota of 2 thousand 883, special education with a quota of 2 thousand 94, English with a quota of 1938, and teaching of religious culture and ethics with a quota of 1805.

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