There are Three Options for the National Combat Aircraft Engine

There are three options for the national combat aircraft engine
There are three options for the national combat aircraft engine

Presidency Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir answered questions about journalist Hakan Çelik's activities in the field of defense. İsmail Demir also made statements about the National Combat Aircraft project.

Hakan Celik's "What will be the unit cost of the domestic warplane?" Stating that the target is under 80 million dollars, İsmail Demir said, “Aircrafts in this category are around 80-100 million dollars. The number should be evaluated as follows, how much was it when we first developed it, how much will it be in a certain piece of production? Our goal is to bring it to less than 80 million dollars. " He replied with the statements.

When can Hakan Çelik's “National Combat Aircraft (MMU) be delivered to the Turkish Air Force? What is realistic history for you? " İsmail Demir pointed out the year 2025 as the target for the first flight again and said, “We have given the exit date from the hangar as 2023. We are trying to bring our first flight to 2025. From now on, as you know, a lot of tests are required to deliver the plane safely. This means an additional 4-5 years. Those close to the subject know well how long the development process of the F-35 and F-22 took and when it entered the inventory. " He replied with the statements.

About the engine of the National Combat Aircraft, Hakan Çelik's "The engine of Turkey's warplanes British Rolls Royce company be able to use it?" İsmail Demir stated that he focused on three options.

“Rolls Royce had proposed to develop the engine for this aircraft in a certain partnership. He had some conditions that we could not accept. We negotiated them for a long time. We think we are in agreement at the moment. There are some numerical issues. So they have the ball. We will see all the parameters in front of us and decide. We are also interested in the engines available in the world in order to make the first flight and exit from the hangar. You have to think multidimensionally. In addition, we continue our efforts to develop our own national engine. In summary, we look at three options:

1- Developing engines with Rolls Royce.

2- Using an existing engine in the world, but none of them are at the performance we expect.

3- To move forward with our own engine. We attach great importance to the domestic motor project in order to reduce foreign dependency. "

He replied with the statements.

Britain's ambassador to Turkey Chilcott: Rolls-Royce, hoping to design a new engine

Britain's ambassador to Turkey, Dominick Chilcott, participated in the program on TRT World in December 2020 the National Veteran Aircraft (MMI) is the point where the project was considered. Speaking at the program, Chilcott emphasized that BAE Systems, the main partner of TAI's (TAI) MMU project, was extremely pleased with the progress of the project, stating that the first phase of the first design phase, the first phase, was ahead of the program.

Ambassador Chilcott stated that the MMU project is still continuing despite the problems of who will design the engine of the 5th generation fighter jet. “We were hoping that Rolls-Royce would design a new engine to reach its full potential as a fifth generation fighter jet. However, no final decision has yet been made as to who will design the engine. " had included his statements.

Stating that the second phase of the MMU project is prototype production, Chilcott said, “The second stage is the production of a prototype. I think this phase will probably start at the end of 2021 or early 2022. ” had made the statement.

"MMU will be positioned between F-35 and Air-Air focused F-22"

TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil mentioned some of the capabilities MMU will have in Habertürk's Teke Tek Bilim program. He added that MMU, which can hide itself from the radar due to its shape and structure, will benefit from radar-absorbing materials, including its canopy. As a class, he stated that it would be positioned between the bomber focused F-35 and the Air-Air focused F-22.

He also underlined that MMU will have supercruise capability at Mach 1.4. It is the ability of a supergiant aircraft to cruise above the speed of sound without using an afterburner and is generally referred to as 5th generation fighter aircraft. He added that this capability would be provided with 30000 axle motors providing 2 lb thrust. He pointed out that the targeted unit cost for the National Combat Aircraft was 100 million dollars and that 24 aircraft would be produced per month.

Source: defenceturk

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