Military Helicopter of Land Forces Crashed in Bitlis 11 Martyrs, 2 Injured

Military helicopter fell down in lice, martyred wounded
Military helicopter fell down in lice, martyred wounded

The number of soldiers killed in the helicopter crash in Bitlis Tatvan countryside increased to 11, and 2 soldiers were injured. Lieutenant General Osman Erbaş, Commander of the 8th Corps, is among the soldiers who were martyred. Crashed military helicopter Cougar type French German joint design.

According to the statement made by the Ministry of National Defense, 11 soldiers were martyred. About to go to Tatvan from Bingöl
With a Cougar type helicopter belonging to the Land Forces Command, which took off at 13.55, the contact was lost at 14.25. As a result of the searches, it was determined that the helicopter was damaged by accident. 9 of the soldiers in the helicopter were martyred and 4 were injured. In the last statement made by the Ministry, it was stated that the number of martyred soldiers increased to 11.

Soldiers Martyred in Helicopter Crash
Soldiers Martyred in Helicopter Crash

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar went to the 8th Corps Command in Elazig with Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler and Land Forces Commander General Ümit Dündar, and received information about the crash of the military helicopter.

Minister Akar stated in the statement he made here that the "Cougar type" helicopter belonging to our Land Forces Command, departing at 13.55 from Bingöl to Tatvan, was accidentally broken.

Stating that 11 personnel were martyred and 2 personnel were injured as a result of the accident, Minister Akar said, “The treatment of our injured in the hospital continues. They are in good condition, ”he said. Minister Akar made the following statements regarding the crash of the helicopter:

“According to preliminary information and eyewitness testimonies, kazanIt is considered that the earthquake occurred due to the sudden change in adverse weather conditions. Necessary instructions were given to the accident crime team immediately. Investigations will begin today. The exact cause of this tragic event will be determined upon detailed examination. From the first moment, all kinds of support were provided by the relevant public institutions and organizations in a short time, both in search and rescue efforts and in the evacuation of our martyrs and wounded. Our pain is great, we are in deep sorrow as a nation. May God have mercy on our heroic comrades who were martyred in this tragic accident that caused us deep pain and sorrow, our condolences to their valuable families, relatives, TAF and our noble nation, patience; I wish our injured personnel a speedy recovery.”

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