IMM's Project of Converting Minibuses and Minibuses to Taxi was Rejected for the 6th Time

ibb's project to convert minibus and dolmus to taxi was rejected once
ibb's project to convert minibus and dolmus to taxi was rejected once

The proposal of the IMM, which included the conversion of 750 minibuses and 250 minibuses to taxi, which was brought to the agenda many times to solve the problems of the driver tradesmen, was again rejected by UKOME. IMM executives pointed out that the transformation did not have a legal problem, and said that discussing the proposal consisted of distraction.

The 1.000 new taxi projects prepared by IMM by meeting with tradesmen and evaluating the area were brought to the UKOME agenda 6 times. At the March meeting held at Yenikapı Kadir Topbaş Performance and Culture Center under the chairmanship of IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar, 1.000 taxi projects that were transferred to the sub-commission for re-evaluation last month were discussed.

IMM Deputy Secretary General for Transportation Oran Demir reminded that the government wing representatives of UKOME stated that they would vote positively if the proposal was brought from the 6.000 taxi project, but afterwards they voted no again and again. Demir said that there were no legal problems in the matter and that they saw the repeated discussion of the proposal as a distraction.

In a decision made by the Council of State in 2016 regarding a case in Şanlıurfa, IMM Legal Counsel Eren Sönmez said that UKOME has the authority to determine the commercial vehicles and their technical features within the municipality boundaries, and that the case has been rejected.

On the other hand, Serdar Yücel, Istanbul Transport Manager of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, argued that there is such a need but that the issue does not have a legal infrastructure and said, "We are expressing our opinion that the issue should continue legally.

Eyüp Aksu, President of the Istanbul Taxi Drivers' Chamber, argued that taxis are not considered as a means of public transportation and that such a transformation practice does not exist. kazanHe claimed that the rights of communication were usurped”.

Representatives of minibuses and minibuses, on the other hand, said that the tradesmen had serious problems and that the head of the chamber of trades explained their opinion alone without taking the opinion of any room. The representatives invited Aksu to stand up for the signature and support the solution of the tradesmen's troubles, stating that the application was signed in the meeting of the chamber of tradesmen.

The proposal, which was put to the voting after the evaluations, was rejected for the 6th time with the majority vote of the government representatives and the representative of the chamber of tradesmen. IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar offered the issue to be discussed at the sub-committee again and got it to vote. The proposal, which included the conversion of 750 minibuses and 250 minibuses to taxi, was transferred to the subcommittee again by majority of votes.

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