China Starts Large AG600 Seaplane Fire Fighting Capacity Tests

gin big net seaplane started fire fighting capacity tests
gin big net seaplane started fire fighting capacity tests

The large amphibious aircraft AG600, developed by China, has entered the stage of a new test flight series to test its firefighting capability, its designer announced on Thursday, March 4.

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) announced that the AG600 aircraft was the first to test its in-flight water discharge function this Thursday at Jingmen in Hubei, one of the central states of China.

This development is an important step towards the development of the large amphibious aircraft model and a significant performance towards strengthening the country's natural disaster protection and emergency rescue capacity.

The aircraft operated normally during the test regarding its in-flight water discharge capacity, which is one of the main functions of the amphibious aircraft model. As stated by AVIC, the AG600 will start draining water while flying over fires before the end of this year.

Source: China International Radio

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