Fibrous Foods That Keep You Full!

fiber foods that keep you full
fiber foods that keep you full

Dietician Ferdi Öztürk gave information on the subject. Do you get hungry soon after dinner? No matter how much you eat, if you do not feel fully satiated, it is useful to consume fiber foods. Fibrous foods that prevent hunger crises and give a feeling of satiety are also beneficial for health.


It is a rare food that you will consume when you are hungry, with its low calorie and fullness. It is frequently used in slimming diets due to its high water content. 120 grams of cucumber is only 18 kcal. If you are still not feeling satiated after eating, if you are looking for a snack to put in your mouth, cucumber is just for you.


1 handful of almonds (25 g) is 150 kcal. Almond is a storehouse of vitamin E and thanks to the unsaturated fatty acids in its content, it balances the glucose level in the blood circulation and balances the sugar fluctuation that occurs after the meal and suppresses the feeling of hunger.


1 tablespoon of oats (10 g) is only 40 kcal. When oats are combined with water or milk, the starch in its content swells and a feeling of satiety occurs. If you still need a snack after a meal, it is a good idea to consume oats.


1 serving (120 g) of apple is only 60 kcal. An apple to be consumed with its skin has the feature of a full fiber store and keeps you full. If you sprinkle 2-3 spoons of yogurt and cinnamon on it and consume it, it will prevent you from consuming excess calories in terms of balancing your blood sugar and providing fullness for a long time.

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