Bussed Education Project For Disabled Children Continues

Transport education project for disabled children continues
Transport education project for disabled children continues

The Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk stated that the Transported Education Project, which is carried out to provide access of students from official special education schools, special education classes and common trainees from their homes to their schools under the Ministry of National Education, He said it started again with the opening.

Stating that protecting social segments, especially children and disabled people, that require special policies, supporting their care and rehabilitation is a necessity of being a social state, Minister Selçuk emphasized that they continue to work especially for disabled children to take part in every stage of social life as a Ministry.

We Provide Free Access to Schools by Our Children With Accessible Service Vehicles

Selçuk said, “We care about the access of our children with special needs to education and we continue to be with families. "With the Free Transport of Disabled Students to Schools Program we have implemented, we support our families to ensure that our children who need special education can access schools free of charge with accessible shuttle vehicles."

117 million TL was used for 322 thousand disabled students

Noting that all disabled groups (seeing, hearing, orthopedic, autism, mental) can benefit from the program, Selçuk said, “As the ministry, it is important to ensure that disabled students have easier access to schools, to increase schooling rates, to encourage education and training, to create love for school in our disabled students, We aim to fix the problems. During the epidemic, we took a break for a while when the schools switched to the distance education system. With the opening of the schools, we continue to provide our children with free access to their schools from their homes, ”he said. Selçuk said that within the scope of the Transported Education Project, 2019 million TL was used for 2020 thousand disabled students in the 117-322 academic year.

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