Bursa's Tourism Portal is Online

scholarship's tourism portal is online
scholarship's tourism portal is online

The website bursa.com.tr, which was developed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of promoting the culture, art and tourism elements of the city, has been updated with its new interface, new contents and more accessible functions.

Thanks to the website published in Turkish, English and Korean languages, Bursa's sightseeing routes, historical places, museums, traditional handicrafts, festivals, cultural events, cultural centers, cinema and theater halls, local delicacies and taste stops, natural beauties and thermal values gathered on a single platform. Data such as adventure sports activities, picnic areas and parks as well as transportation facilities, tourism maps, accommodation, guidance services, tourist information points, promotional videos, virtual tour applications are uploaded to the website.

Within the scope of the work carried out with the initiative of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Foreign Relations Department, Department of Culture and Social Affairs and Information Technologies Department, the website focused on the promotion of the city and tourism. With the work done, 660 pages of new content, 2.791 photographs, 17 different promotional films, 2 different culture, history and nature routes in 13 different categories, 21 different places where the historical, cultural and natural areas of Bursa are promoted in 515 different categories, 117 different contents The contents of the traditional handicrafts, local delicacies, festivals and events were promoted, and the contents prepared to facilitate the travel of tourists in Bursa on 15 different topics were made available to the use of bursa.com.tr.

Continuing its studies to develop the mobile application of the website, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is preparing the infrastructure that will allow the use of the website and mobile application in different languages.

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