What is a Search Engine, How Does It Work? What Are The Most Used Search Engines?

What is a search engine and how does it work? What are the most used search engines?
What is a search engine and how does it work? What are the most used search engines?

In today's world, where technology develops rapidly and offers new solutions every day, both the number of internet users and the use of the internet are on the rise. When it comes to internet usage, one of the first tools that comes to mind is search engines. Although a lot of time is spent on social media platforms, every internet user also visits search engines at least once a day.

What is a Search Engine?

Search engine, which enables us to reach the sites where the information that is curious or wanted to be learned is located on the internet. sözcükler or sözcüIt is the system that sorts the search results related to k groups in front of us. Search engine basically; The web robot consists of three parts called the search index and the user search unit.

What Does a Search Engine Do?

Search engines that read all the information on the internet through various codes present this information to internet users as HTML. Websites related to the words or phrases searched by internet users are listed on the page where the user searches in order from the most clicked to the least clicked according to the eligibility criteria determined by the search engines.

Search engines are used very often because in order to be able to click on a site without seeing search engine results, you need to type the URL information of that site directly into the search bar. For example; When you want to search İşbank on the search engine, it will be much more practical to type "İş Bankası" directly into your browser than isbankasi.com.tr in the search bar.

Search engines are often used to visit relevant sites to find the information sought, rather than entering a specific site. For example; When you type "Loan interest rates" into your search engine, you will encounter many results and click on one of the first sites to come across. Because your goal is only to get information about loan interest rates, and at this point, search engines will provide you with the most appropriate results.

How Search Engines Work

In order for the search engine you visit to provide results to you, it must be indexed with the content existing on the internet. This process; The linking of the web sites to each other is obtained by browsing the web sites through the links given and storing the content of the pages accessed.

The user search unit enables indexes to become searchable. Sites may need to be registered with search engines in order to be indexed to search engines. Thus, search engines sözcüIt directs the user to the relevant sites based on these.

Content producers and website owners must make arrangements in accordance with the criteria set by search engines, called SEO "Search engine optimization", in order to move their sites to the top of the search rankings. Because search engines want to provide the best results to internet users and for this, they want websites to obey some rules and to present the information they need in the most accurate way. While doing SEO work on your website, it is very important to keep up to date with the updated information published by search engines, to produce unique content, to be user-friendly from the design to the structure of your website, and to have useful content on your website in accordance with the rules of writing. For example, in cases where you produce duplicate content, it becomes impossible to rank in the front of search engines because search engines cannot index duplicate content. This means that your site visits are low, your content does not reach the relevant audience, and you have difficulty in selling your services and products.

Search Engine History

The first search engine, Archie, was developed in 1990 by Alan Emtage, a university student, but the algorithm for this search engine was very different from today's search engines. Because this system was built on file search. It's like searching for files on your computer right now.

It took a process for search engines to become what we use today. Yahoo, which is still in existence today and is shown among the popular search engines, started its service in 1995. Yahoo served as a search engine in the early days, and then e-mail, etc. By offering similar services, it has started to increase its company volume.

When the year was 1998, Google was established, which is currently the most used in the world and increases its impact on our lives day by day. Google Search came to life on the internet in 1999.

What Are The Most Used Search Engines In The World?

Google is the most preferred search engine in the world. Google has many products, but the Google search engine is the most used Google product. Google constantly updates and improves its algorithm to give its users the best experience.

Search engine giant Google closely monitors the search habits of its users and creates catalogs about their search habits and shares this information with advertisers and other interested parties. Offering solutions developed for both its users and advertisers, Google seems to maintain its leadership in the industry in the upcoming period.

with a large user base in Turkey, Yandex is Russia's most popular search engine. With a simple and user-friendly interface, Yandex also offers functional tools. Yandex, which has translation, map, analytics, cloud storage and e-mail service, is shown as the most important competitor of Google.

Offering Microsoft assurance, Bing is also among the world's top quality search engines. Bing has a rewards program service that allows users to score while searching. Users can use these points while shopping at Microsoft and Windows stores.

Yahoo, Baidu, Ask.com are also listed among popular search engines.

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