Two Entrepreneurs Signed a Sustainable Jewelry Project

Two entrepreneurs signed a sustainable jewelry project
Two entrepreneurs signed a sustainable jewelry project

Two entrepreneurs made their dreams come true, they signed a 'sustainable jewelry' project. Runda Jewelry turns what comes from nature to nature by producing jewelry from 100 percent recycled material, all materials from raw materials to packaging are soluble in the soil.

Two entrepreneurs created 'sustainable jewelry'. Hüseyin and Mesut Abdik produce jewelry that can dissolve in nature with the Runda Jewelry they established. Runda Jewelry, where waste gold is made reusable, blazes a trail in the industry with designs inspired by the cycle of nature and with the slogan 'To return what comes from nature to nature'.

Every piece used in Runda's designs is produced with 100 percent recycled and soil-soluble materials, from raw materials to packaging materials. Runda presents every product purchased with a seed card that represents the inspiration of its design.

Clean gold, clean production

Mesut Abdik, one of the founders of Runda, drew attention to the high sustainability and environmental sensitivity in the sector. Emphasizing that gold is an element that gets tired of being processed, Abdik said, “Gold that is worn out in an unusable way is actually considered as waste. However, in systems with 100 percent recycled production processes like ours, gold is recovered. We include the gold that cannot be used with the technologies we integrate into our field, into the reproduction cycle. Waste gold is turned back into gold bullion with the systems we integrate into our facilities. In this process that enables us to obtain clean gold, we maintain the green cycle in our own factory, ”he said.

Respect for nature and people

Hüseyin Abdik said that production reflects the collective consciousness acting with respect to nature and people in jewelry collections that include designs with trends such as trend, nostalgic and contemporary themes. “Our understanding of sustainability lives on the basis of respect for nature and people. "We offer good designs created by good teams with the principle of goodness for nature to consumers who are sensitive about this issue."

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