The Charging Time of the Domestic Car Has Decreased and the Range Has Increased Over 500 Km!

The charging time of the domestic car has decreased and its range has increased to more than km
The charging time of the domestic car has decreased and its range has increased to more than km

There have been new developments in the excitedly and highly anticipated domestic car. Farasis, with which TOGG collaborates on batteries, has developed a new generation battery with high energy density. Thus, the range of the domestic car will increase by 25 percent. It will travel more than 500 kilometers with a full battery. In addition, charging time of up to 80 percent has decreased from half an hour to less than 20 minutes.

Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG), strategic partner Farasis on battery energy density of 330 Wh / kg, which was announced more than a new generation of electric vehicles developed battery cells. It was stated that the performance of the new cells, which was also approved by independent tests, was 25 percent higher than the third generation cells.

Domestic Cars TOGG Will Make More Than 500 KM

TOGG's "Our strategic partner Farasis, one of the world's leading companies in li-ion technology, has raised the bar in battery technology, for which we signed a letter of intent to develop and manufacture energy storage solutions under the roof of a joint venture company." The new development announced with his tweet increased the range by 25 percent with fourth generation battery cells. Range increased to over 500 km. In addition, up to 80 percent charging was reduced to less than 20 minutes. Previously, up to 80 percent charge time was 30 minutes. The battery life has exceeded 1 million km.

The First Series of Cars Will Be Off The Belt In The Last Quarter Of 2022

On the other hand, construction work continues at the Gemlik factory, the foundation of which was laid on July 18, 2020. In the facility, which will be built on an area of ​​1.2 million square meters, it is aimed to unload the first serial car from the tape in the last quarter of 2022 with the establishment of production and assembly lines.

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