Skin Problems Increased During Pandemic Period, Laser Treatment Is In Demand

Skin problems have increased during the pandemic process.
Skin problems have increased during the pandemic process.

Increasing anxiety and stress during the pandemic process triggers skin problems such as acne and aging. The skin, which protects the body against external factors by wrapping it like a barrier, is affected by many factors ranging from aging and genetic features to dietary habits, from environmental factors such as sun, humidity and cold air to the mood of the person. Stress is one of the most common causes of skin problems.

Experts point out that the increased stress in both private and professional life, especially during the epidemic process, brings along problems that adversely affect the health and quality of the skin, especially acne. Dermatology Specialist Dr. Hande Ulusal said, “Our skin is like a mirror of both our mental and physical conditions. It is quite natural for our skin to react during the epidemic that we experience under intense anxiety and stress. “Today, however, none of these are irreversible problems and can be easily treated,” he said.

Our face surrenders to stress first

Stating that stress triggers skin problems especially on the face, Hande Ulusal said, “The face is the most sensitive area of ​​our skin that alarms under stress. We reflect our emotional state with our face, we use 60 of the 17 muscles in our face to smile and 43 to frown. It happens that under stress, we notice involuntary contraction of my face and frown. Such situations may cause facial lines to increase and signs of aging on the face. Stress also disrupts the hormone balance and causes the sebaceous glands in the skin to produce more sebum. This leads to the formation of oily and acne, and causes problems such as deterioration of the skin structure in the long term ”.

The way of life also affects the skin

Emphasizing that only stress is not effective in skin problems that develop during the pandemic process, Dr. Ulusal said, “Many factors such as mental fatigue, turning to bad habits such as smoking, not paying attention to diet, not being exposed to enough sunlight due to restrictions, and reducing the attention paid to personal care routines due to mental depressions can both accelerate the aging of the skin, as well as acne and It may cause problems such as staining. For this reason, it is very important to determine the source of the problem and take steps to improve daily life before starting treatment. Thus, it is possible to increase the effectiveness of the treatment that will be preferred and to prevent the recurrence of the problem ”.

New trend in skin treatments: Laser and light systems

Stating that new generation treatments give much better results than traditional treatment methods in combating skin problems, Hande Ulusal stated that laser and light systems are used to solve many problems from skin rejuvenation to spot treatment. Hande Ulusal, “Lasers and light systems; uses high concentrations of light energy beams to improve skin tone, texture and appearance. Thus, fine lines or wrinkles can be minimized, brown spots, redness or color changes can be treated for a more balanced skin tone, skin can be tightened, collagen production can be stimulated, acne or surgical scars can be eliminated. Today, the most effective method is intense pulsed laser management, also known as BBL (broadband light). The purpose of this treatment is to treat pigmentation, ie color problems on the skin, and rejuvenate the skin. In this way, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation (dark skin), age spots and freckles, spider veins, rashes, vascular lesions and tissue problems can be prevented ”.

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