Koçtaş Online Internship Applications Starts on April 1

online internship applications are starting
online internship applications are starting

Koçtaş's online internship program, STEP (Intern Basic Education and Development Program), starts on April 1st.

Koçtaş's online STEP program (Trainee Basic Education and Development Program) provides students with internship and experience in a real project that will guide their careers. kazanoffers the opportunity.

3 years and the second time this year continued to be conducted online over the steppes of universities not only in Turkey's Istanbul 3rd and 4th grade students may apply. Within the scope of the program, students will have the opportunity to get to know the retail industry and Koçtaş closely by taking part in Koçtaş's marketing, digital channels, R&D, human resources, purchasing, supply chain, financial affairs or audit departments.

During their internship, students will have experience in areas such as taking responsibility and managing business processes by taking part in project teams. Students who complete the STEP will be considered as a priority for suitable positions at Koçtaş and will be able to join Koçtaş.

Providing information about STEP, Koçtaş Human Resources Director Aylin Yazgan İyicik underlined that they see the students joining the Koçtaş team not as interns but as team members and continued as follows: kazanTheir STEP starts with orientation first. After completing the orientation, students attend online trainings and department interviews; They can meet with senior managers and conduct career interviews. They can develop projects and make their own presentations to the relevant managers. Students experience mutual learning by exchanging ideas at Koçtaş, and they can get feedback by meeting regularly with the HR department. In this way, they have a real work experience. We definitely give priority to STEP graduates when recruiting.”

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