In Which Situation Will Turkish Companies Be Subject to GDPR?

In which situation will Turkish companies be subject to gdpra?
In which situation will Turkish companies be subject to gdpra?

Ali Osman Özdilek, CEO of Jurcom GRC Services, who gave information about the regulations made by the European Union on the protection of personal data, made an assessment on the GDPR at Endüstri Radio.


providing information on issues of protection of personal data Özdilek began to say, "the personal data protection law came into force in Turkey in 2016, but we have to force the European Union's data protection directive 95/46 EC. The European Union issued a new regulation under the name of the general data protection regulation in May 2018 and eliminated the 95/46 European Union petition. This situation shows that; law cannot resist technology. " said.

Özdilek said that the European Union has enacted a law that will meet today's technologies and calls it the 'General Data Protection Regulation' (GDPR) and said, “This regulation also includes a number of articles. So even if you are not on the east of the European Union as a Turkish company, just because we made some operations in Turkey so you may have to comply with this law. " found in the description.


Özdilek stated that with the 3rd article of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation and that the European Union law will be applied outside the European Union member states, but this caused serious discussions, “The European Union Data Protection Authority has published a guide on this. However, the subject has come to light. " said.

Explaining under which circumstances a Turkish company will be subject to GDPR, Özdilek said, “First, if there is a settlement in the European Union (warehouse, factory, etc.), secondly, goods or We can materialize it as selling services. There is no obligation to be a citizen of that country. The distinction is important. " used the expressions.


Providing information on e-commerce, Özdilek emphasized that there should be a representative by saying that there are rules regarding the protection of personal data as well as the tax dimension. At the same time, he reminded that Turkish law has strict sanctions regarding the transfer of data abroad and said that they inspected the companies that were found to be transferred abroad while selling through the multi-channel management.

Özdilek also stated that the European Union is determined to implement the GDPR by taking strict measures on personal data.

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