Atacama Eskişehir OSB Example School were built in Turkey

ATAC eskisehir OSB turkiyeye samples had built schools
ATAC eskisehir OSB turkiyeye samples had built schools

Tepebaşı Mayor Dt. Ahmet Atac, Eskişehir OSB extremely modern, convenient and Turkey said that the age of the samples need to build a school.

Tepebaşı Mayor Dt. Ahmet Ataç visited Private Eskişehir OSB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which was put into service by Eskişehir OSB in order to meet the qualified and qualified personnel need of Eskişehir industry using the latest technological systems. Welcomed by Eskişehir OSB President Nadir Küpeli, Eskişehir OSB Deputy President and School Founding Representative Metin Saraç, School Principal Rahmi Özyiğit as well as the school administrators, Mayor Ataç toured the school and received information about the school.

We are trying to make Turkey's number one school

Tepebaşı Mayor Dt. Ahmet paperclips to school, classes and workshops gezdirerek detailed information that Eskişehir OSB Chairman rare Earring, EOSB transferring professional and they want to do Technical High School as the number one school in Turkey, "We have established a really big dreams of establishing this school. I believe that we made the best school in our country. Our goal before the Eskişehir, Turkey, and then to a school that has made its name in the world, "he said.

This school will serve like a factory

Stating that they are happy to realize the 25-year dream of Eskişehir industry, President Küpeli said, “We realized the 25-year dream of Eskişehir industry with this school. During the construction of our school, which we have been working on for a long time, our vice president and school founding representative Metin Bey, all of our colleagues and our team were very closely interested in every detail during the construction. We have built a perfect school that will be worthy of our students and teachers in every aspect and put it at the service of our provincial industry. Young people who will be raised from here will play a great role in meeting the trained manpower need of our provincial industry. This school will serve like a factory. Each of our students is our pupil. We strive to give them a complete education here. Our young people who grow up from here will make a great contribution to the innovative development and transformation of our industry ”.

With the new building, the number of students reached 373

Providing information about the school about the visit, Eskişehir OSB Deputy Chairman and School Founding Representative Metin Saraç said, “Last year, we started education in our temporary building with 100 students, and with the completion of our new school building, we started the new school year with a total of 273 students by taking 373 new students. The main campus of our school consists of a total of 26 thousand square meters and includes 30 classrooms, gymnasium, conference hall, library, workshops, exhibition area, laboratories, dining hall. Our school has metal technology, industrial automation technologies, plastic technology, machine technology and electrical and electronic technologies departments and this year we started to provide education in 3 departments ”.

I appreciate Eskişehir OIZ's work on education.

Tepebaşı Mayor Dt. Ahmet Ataç stated that Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone has done very good works and appreciated the work done on education. Special EOSB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, said that Turkey's example is a school that President paperclips, "I've never visited our school also finalized the construction LIABLE FOR ANY impressed me very much. With its classrooms and workshops, it has become an extremely modern vocational school suitable for the requirements of the age. Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone management has done a great job by making a huge contribution to education. They left a giant work to train people in Eskişehir industry for many years. They built a school example to Turkey. I congratulate the President of Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone Mr. Nadir Küpeli, Deputy Chairman and School Founding Representative Mr. Metin Saraç, the members of the board of directors and the supervisory board, as well as all those who contributed to the construction of the school. I saw closely that our children who grow up here will graduate with a gold bracelet. They will serve our city and industry. I wholeheartedly believe that the students who are raised with the opportunities in the classrooms and workshops I have seen in this school will make a very serious contribution to the technological development of our industry in the coming years with this extraordinary education environment provided to them ”.

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