AFAD Teams Conduct Search and Rescue Studies with the Sensitivity of an Archaeologist

AFAD teams carry out their search and rescue activities with the sensitivity of archaeologists
AFAD teams carry out their search and rescue activities with the sensitivity of archaeologists

Turkey in disaster management rather than crisis management model of "risk management" approach is adopted. With this model called "Integrated Disaster Management System", it is possible to identify dangers and risks in advance to prevent damages caused by disasters and emergencies, to prevent or minimize damages that may occur before a disaster, to ensure effective response and coordination, and to ensure that post-disaster recovery works are carried out in integrity. is foreseen to be executed.

Recently, especially giving weight to the plan for the reduction of disaster risk AFAD, on the other hand, within the framework of Turkey Disaster Response Plan, develop intervention strategies for all kinds of disasters.

The systematic and decisive work carried out by AFAD in the field of response to disasters has a positive effect on the success of the staff, especially in search and rescue work in wreckage.

AFAD personnel, who are experts in the search and rescue class, increase their professional capacities with refresher training, while at the same time providing trainings to the personnel of institutions and organizations.

AFAD Staff Working in Elazig and Izmir Earthquakes Explained

Ankara AFAD Directorate staff Ramazan Yerli said that he took part in both of the earthquakes that occurred in Elazig and Izmir last year.

Indicating that as the AFAD Ankara team, they carried out 14 hours of search and rescue work in the wreckage of a building in the Mustafa Paşa District of Elazığ, Yerli said that they pulled a woman out of the wreckage as injured and reached the funeral of 8 people.

Indicating that he was personally involved in the rescue work of a survivor, Yerli pointed out that a mistake made while removing a casualty from under the wreckage could lead to irreparable consequences.

Stating that AFAD has a staff of 20 years, Yerli said, "When you are carrying out rescue activities in the wreck site, you need to do fine detailed work like an archaeologist." said.

Yerli said the following regarding the work to save the woman alive from the wreckage in Elazığ: “The lady was between her mother and her other relative. The bedroom cupboard was knocked over on its side. The wardrobe had created a life gap for him to survive. The condition of the building after the demolition was very bad. In our words, it had a form of collapse that did not contain huge gaps for a person to live. Being instrumental in saving a person's life gives people happiness that cannot be described. I have been working in this business for 20 years. I have come across many times in rescue operations like this. Same feeling of happiness every time. Even if you work for days, that tiredness disappears. There is an enthusiasm to work to see if I can save someone else. "

The Hero of İdil, One of the Symbol Names of Izmir Earthquake

If in Izmir Bayraklı Indicating that he was working in the wreckage of the Emrah Apartment in the district, Yerli explained that they carried out uninterrupted search and rescue activities for 2,5 days.

Indicating that they reached the funerals of many citizens in these studies, Yerli said that they were despaired for a moment because they could not bring anyone alive during their work.

Yerli stated that as a result of a technical search, the location of İdil Şirin, 14 years old, was determined and they started an effort to save her without wasting time.

Indicating that Sirin was very close to her in the studies, Yerli reported that they used supporting elements in the wreck to prevent new crashes.

Ramazan Yerli explained what he experienced at that moment as follows: “Our daughter's feet were stuck under the seat. We opened a safe passage from the foot area and freed our daughter's feet. The medical staff made the necessary medical intervention. I, firefighters and friends from my team, and we took our daughter out of there safely. We were very happy. We pulled our daughter out of the wreckage after 58 hours. At the end of the study, I went to a secluded area and cried. Even today I get sad when I think of it. Because I have two daughters of the same age. In our profession, we do not actually put people in your relatives' shoes, but this is not possible in some cases. We are trying to get rid of this feeling by taking breaks without affecting our work. "

The local said they kept the hope of removing the injured person until the wreck was removed.

Indicating that a cat was rescued alive from the wreckage of Emrah Apartment, Yerli said, “Our life saving efforts are valid for all living things. We carry out our search and rescue activities by observing the same sensitivity for all of them. We do not understand that 'this is an animal, let's skip this'. We carry out activities to save everything that is alive. " said.

Call for "Become an AFAD Volunteer"

2021 in Turkey "Disaster Education Year" reminiscent declared indigenous, pre-disaster in this context, as well, and with citizens about whether that should be done on or after the said training to the staff of public institutions and organizations.

Indicating that AFAD teams also receive continuous training on disasters, Yerli explained that a study was carried out to search for the victim with a voice and eye in a building wreck in the training area.

The local also invited citizens to participate in AFAD's Volunteering Project.

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