155 mm Panther Howitzer Fire Control System

mm panther howitzer fire control system
mm panther howitzer fire control system

Within the scope of the 155 mm PANTER Howitzer modernization, the servo system, electronic units, hydraulic system and user interface are renewed, and howitzers are equipped with Digital Communication, Technical Fire Management, Ballistic Calculation (NABK), First Speed ​​Management and ADOP-2000 Integration.

By changing the side gear group, the raising gear group and switching to the passive hydro-pneumatic balancing system, the barrel was manually directed in cases where the diesel engine or batteries were out of order. Electronic units were changed in design and production to comply with military standards, enabling the Weapon System and vehicle electronics to operate independently.

As a result of modernization, an increase in performance and a reduction in maintenance and maintenance costs are achieved.

Modernization Benefits:

  • An Elevation Compensation System, which enables the barrel to be driven electrically or mechanically, independently of the hydraulic system, on the elevation axis has been added.
  • The Bullet Reloading System electronic unit units were redesigned to be adapted to military conditions, the software was renewed to eliminate the lock-up problems experienced in the existing obus, and all sensor states were monitored on the computer, and fault detection and maintenance-repair activities were facilitated.
  • Automatic and Precise Barrel Routing System was added, and with the help of the servo motor and drivers added to the obus with software updates, ANS data was also used to direct the barrel in a fast, precise and automatic manner.
  • It is possible to perform technical fire management and to calculate the firing command using ballistic software, and howitzer has become able to perform functions both in battery organization and alone, in integration with ADOP-2000 elements.
  • The accuracy of each beat has been increased by providing the first Speed ​​Measurement Management capability.
  • A control unit has been added where the howitzer shooter will perform the system opening / closing, wedge opening / closing, firing automatic or barrel orientation with the control lever, and these manual operations can be commanded from a single point on the existing howitzer.
  • Military hardware and cables have been used in order to reduce the system failure rates.

Source: defenceturk

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