New Tarsus Museum Opened to Visitors

new tarsus banana is open to visit
new tarsus banana is open to visit

Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Minister of Culture and Tourism, stated that 32 leading museums and archaeological sites can also be visited in a virtual environment, and this service, which we offer on the ​​website, has reached approximately 11,5 million visitors. " said.

Minister Ersoy, along with the Governor of İçel Ali İhsan Su and other relevant persons, first visited the Tarsus District Governorship and then the district tradesmen.

Later, Minister Ersoy, who went to the Ancient Road in the district, attended the opening ceremony of the Tarsus Museum after examining there.

Minister Ersoy, in his speech here, stated that they take care to build all modern infrastructure in museums that are in service.

Explaining that they are doing renovation works in order to make the requirements of the day a standard for all museums, from dissection to the use of technology, Minister Ersoy continued as follows:

“We take care to build all this modern infrastructure in the museums we have just opened. While implementing pioneering approaches in museums with projects such as the 1000 square meter Istanbul Airport Museum, which is the world's largest airport museum, we continue to equip our museums and historical sites with the multilingual electronic audio guidance system in a way that responds to the interest and curiosity of the visitors at the highest level. At the point of use of technology, I would like to point out that our 32 leading museums and historical sites can also be visited in a virtual environment. This service, which we offer on the web page of, has reached approximately 11,5 million visitors. "

"Visitor satisfaction has doubled"

Minister Ersoy gave information about the studies on the use of technology and said, “Again, in order to eliminate possible deficiencies and to ensure continuous supervision, we put into service the system that enables museum visitors to share their experiences, suggestions and complaints. Thanks to this system, through which we constantly monitor the processes regarding sharing and inform our citizens, complaints have been resolved rapidly and visitor satisfaction has doubled. " said.

"Culture and History are the Most Important Elements of Tourism"

the value it had every region of Turkey and reconstruction in wealth and fortunate to work continues uninterrupted, he said the Minister Ersoy, our country's unrivaled potential of the so-called not leaving saint of the nation's economic and social prosperity will contribute directly to a project by producing voiced that they had implemented.

Minister Ersoy continued as follows:

“Culture and history are among the most important elements of tourism. As a result of this, museums and archaeological sites, which host these two phenomena, protect them and bring them together with people, are a serious investment subject in all leading tourism countries. Because they reflect both national existence and geographic culture, they make a great contribution to the promotion of countries and nations, and they make a substantial contribution to the country's economy from local to general with the income they provide from their visitors. We also step up our efforts as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey are taking this awareness. "

"A Journey of Culture and History is Waiting for Our Visitors in Tarsus Museum"

Minister Ersoy stated that the building, which was opened, is a cultural heritage with 70 years of historical and architectural features, and reminded that the building served as the Tarsus Courthouse between 1954 and 2013.

Emphasizing that they carried out detailed restorations during the renovation of the museum, Minister Ersoy continued as follows:

“In addition to ground improvement and insulation applications, we have strengthened existing buildings and floors. We renewed the roof of the building, the products with mortar and the wooden joinery in accordance with the original. We covered the top of the middle courtyard with modern construction. Ultimately, we completed the electrical and mechanical productions for the museum function. In our exhibition and arrangement works, we have shown the care and sensitivity that will suit the contemporary museology understanding. From the Prehistoric Period to the Hellenistic Period, from the Bronze House Animation Room to the Ashab-ı Kehf Animation, from the Roman and Eastern Roman Mixed Hall to the Islamic Period Expression, Tarsus Culinary Culture, Nomadic and Clothing Culture ' There are episodes and animations that reflect how long, periodic features, lives, history and cultures. A cultural and historical journey, supported by visual and audio systems, that will take place by seeing, feeling and learning awaits our visitors. We have invested 2 million 23 thousand liras in Mersin with the Tarsus Museum, where 32 thousand 250 artifacts will be exhibited and all the necessary social facilities from the mosque to the gift shop, cafe, baby care room, elevator for our disabled citizens have been completed.

Stating that Mersin has a great potential with its history, archeology and nature, Minister Ersoy said:

“Under the leadership of our President, we will continue to realize the services and works that our country deserves and our dear nation deserve. Beyond 2023 to achieve the goals and fully independent, strong leader and Turkey's very hard to secure our tomorrow, we will continue to work with determination and perseverance. Nobody should doubt that we will make the future where our country and nation live in peace and prosperity come true. "

After the speeches, Minister Ersoy visited the museum, which he opened with other participants.

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