Gendarmerie Helicopter Pilots are Trained with a Local Simulator

helicopter pilots of the gendarmerie are trained with a local simulator
helicopter pilots of the gendarmerie are trained with a local simulator

Evaluating the unused helicopters, the Gendarmerie Aviation Presidency made 2 types of training simulators. Thus, pilot candidates can receive training with simulators regardless of season or weather conditions.

Helicopter pilots are at the forefront of different terrains and difficult weather conditions every day of the year. Training of pilots is also very important due to the difficult conditions. Gendarmerie Aviation Directorate trains an average of 250 helicopter pilots every year. The training of pilots who are at the forefront in the fight against terrorism is just as true. Realistic simulator flights are the most important part of the training.

Pilots Practice in Real Conditions

Gendarmerie Aviation Chief Brigadier General Ali Doğan stated that they could not show many malfunctions or the requirements of the systems during the flight and said, “However, you have the opportunity to do this one-to-one in the simulator. This allows pilots and technicians to both shorten the reaction time and practice. " said.

Designed in One to One Size

There are 2 simulators within the Gendarmerie Aviation Directorate. One of them is the Mi-17 type and the other is the Skorsky type attack helicopter simulators. The simulators were designed in one-to-one size from helicopter parts that are in the inventory but are not used. This offers pilots a very realistic experience.

The most important feature of the simulators is that they are produced by the personnel of the Presidency.

The desired figure for Skorsky was over $ 20 million

Stating that 17 million dollars should be spent for the Mİ-11 simulator under the best conditions today, Doğan said, “For Skorsky, the amount requested by the relevant companies from us in 2017 was over 20 million dollars. In 2017, we set out to meet this need by asking why not make our own simulator. " said.

2 Full Mission Simulators Cost 500 Thousand Liras

The gendarmerie cost around 2 thousand lira for 500 full mission simulators with its own work. The updates of the simulators are also made by the Gendarmerie personnel.

In the local simulator, pilot candidates can receive training in any region and difficulty, regardless of weather conditions, without any life-threatening risks.

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