Exorbitant Price Inspections in 81 Cities by the Ministry of Commerce

exorbitant price controls in the province by the ministry of trade
exorbitant price controls in the province by the ministry of trade

Ministry of Commerce, on the complaint for the exorbitant price increases across the country, including in Turkey are primarily metropolitan controls have been increased.

Under the coordination of the General Directorate of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance, the General Directorate of Domestic Trade and the Provincial Directorates of Trade, inspections are continuing in 81 provinces for basic food and consumer products in markets, marketplaces and wholesalers.

During the audits, products with price increases that do not match the supply-demand balance are detected, and the necessary information and documents such as the purchase and sale invoices of the products are requested from the audited companies by taking defense. The defenses of the companies and the information provided are reported to the Unfair Price Evaluation Board for evaluation.

The Board, under the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce, consists of a total of 13 members representing the retail sector with the representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Treasury and Finance, Industry and Technology, Agriculture and Forestry, TOBB and TESK, as well as producer and consumer organizations.

An administrative fine of 10 thousand TL to 100 thousand TL is imposed on companies that are found to have made an exorbitant price increase, and from 50 thousand TL to 500 thousand TL for those engaged in stocking activities.

Unfair Price Evaluation Board has held a total of 9 meetings since the day it took office. At these meetings, it was decided to impose an administrative fine of 283 Turkish Liras in total for 9.645.000 companies, which were considered to have made exorbitant price increases in many product categories, especially in basic foodstuffs such as legumes and vegetables and fruits.

The examination and defense process of 2 thousand 114 applications by the Board is continuing. In addition, necessary actions are taken for products that are found to be in violation of the Price Label Regulation in line with the provisions of Law No. 6502 during audits.

Inspection activities regarding exorbitant price increases by the Ministry of Trade, either ex officio or upon the complaints of citizens, will continue unabated throughout the country.

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