57,1 Million Euro Loan from EBRD to Ankara EGO for Bus Purchase

million euro loan for bus purchase from ebrd to ankara ego
million euro loan for bus purchase from ebrd to ankara ego

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality took the first step after the approval of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance for the loan required for the purchase of 254 compressed natural gas (CNG) buses and the installation of a CNG Filling Station. under the European Reconstruction and Development Bank of the urban sustainability program is 57,1 million euros Metropolitan virtual environment for credit Mayor Mansoor Slow EBRD Turkey General Manager Arvid tuerkei and Sustainable Infrastructure Group General Manager, signed a memorandum of understanding between Nantiya in Parshad. With this agreement, Ankara became the 44th member in the Green Cities list in the world.

The initiative of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş has yielded results, and it is almost time for the citizens of the capital to have the new buses they have been waiting for years. The Metropolitan Municipality, whose last bus was purchased in 2013, will meet the people of Ankara with new buses after years.

While the decision was taken unanimously after the insistence of Mayor Yavaş, who brought the loan request to the agenda for the purchase of a new bus in the Metropolitan Municipality Council, the loan request was approved by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance after a long time.

Within the scope of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's urban sustainability program, a loan of 57,1 million Euros was transferred to the bus fleet of the EGO General Directorate. kazanDIRECTOR for the purchase of 254 compressed natural gas (CNG) buses and the installation of a CNG Filling Station.


Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who took action for the use of credit on the grounds that the existing EGO buses are insufficient in transportation, in order to provide a cleaner and more comfortable transportation to the capital people, also signed the first virtual environment for the loan settlement agreement due to the pandemic process.

Protocol, EBRD President and General Manager of Turkey Slow Arvid tuerkei Sustainable Infrastructure Group General Manager signed with virtual meetings between Nandita Parshad.

EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Reşit Serhat Taşkınsu, Head of Foreign Relations Department Ramazan Kabasakal, and Mayor Yavaş, who spoke at the meeting held on zoom, made the following evaluations:

"We are very happy. Thank you very much for this cooperation. As you know, the global climate crisis has started to increase both in our country and in our city. In Ankara, Istanbul, there is no water shortage in dams yet, but it has reached the level to be experienced. There is almost no rain to end in December. Besides, unfortunately, we are lacking in infrastructure in terms of priorities of the previous administration. In all of these, we strive to make investments that prioritize both efficiency and human health and life. We are very pleased with your support in this regard. On the one hand, we have a metro project that we have prepared. His project is currently being prepared. I hope we will meet again with the collaborations that started with the subway and continued with other projects after they are made. Best wishes…"


It is aimed to prevent air pollution by reducing greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the 20 natural gas buses to be purchased for the first time after 2013 by the EGO General Directorate in Ankara, where the existing buses at 254 years old pollute the environment.

In this way, Ankara became the 44th member of the list in the Green Cities program, within the scope of the program to combat climate change using the EBRD loan.

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