To Export Youtube How Should Their Videos Be?

to export youtube How should the videos be
to export youtube How should the videos be

📩 29/12/2020 13:08

Export is an important commercial activity for our country, and it is an activity that increases the strength of the companies in addition to its contribution to the national economy. Almost every sector in our country has a product that can be exported or a service that can be supplied to those coming from abroad. However, to announce these to foreign buyers; it is a difficult process. Ömer Yoluk, data analyst and communication design specialist, YoutubeIt provides important information about investments that can generate serious returns in the long term by using.

Export marketing; covers extensive and costly applications. Since almost all of the expenditures made are in foreign currency, it may be possible that companies sometimes cannot even create sufficient budgets for these investments. Although today digital media tools offer significant advantages and affordable prices to company owners, it is also possible to make long-term investments at this point. Video marketing; As long as the products remain open for sale, as a marketing tool where you can market about the product all over the world, you now have the opportunity to publish it for free.

By doing video marketing; You can market with your products, services and corporate identity focus and reach millions of people. Moreover Youtube It does not charge any fee from video publishers. Just paying for the production of the videos can keep them as a marketing tool until you take them off the air. So what does this have to do with exports?

Global Markets at Your Fingertips

Our country; It has a commercial base where many products and services are produced but cannot be easily delivered to foreign markets. Established commercial practices oblige producers to work with brokers in Turkey or abroad in order to export. In this case, as the number of middlemen increases, the profitability of the producer or main distributor at this point naturally decreases or the price of the product or service rises marginally. The possible price advantage of our country is also damaged in this way.

On the other hand, for the manufacturer who is trying the way of directly opening abroad, quite large costs are waiting at the door. Let's imagine that it is almost impossible for an agricultural manufacturer to promote its products on German TVs, and using other marketing tools like this means serious costs.

On the other hand, digital media tools can benefit much more than these tools at costs that cannot even be compared with traditional tools. Today, the race of mainstream conventional media tools with digital platforms, ie the internet, has come to an end, and the internet race has won by far. Televisions are now digitizing their broadcasts and a new world has already been established here.

It is of course a great advantage that you can access videos of your products and services with just one click from all over the world. Moreover, you can determine your target country here and promote your products and services in that country by only paying the costs of video production. If you want, you can even create promotional videos in all world languages. There is no limit at this point.

Youtube How Should Their Videos Be?

Of course, your brand, corporate identity, videos of your products and services should not be random videos, but content that has an impact on the target audience and arousing content should be presented. The language of the videos to be published and the perception it will create in the target country should be carefully examined. In fact, if necessary, content suitable for the criteria such as shopping habits and cultural values ​​of that country should be created for each country.

Of course, before you start video marketing, you need to carefully determine the target country criteria. For example; Trying to sell tuna to Norway is not a very reasonable effort, and it is extremely important to have Halal certified for the products you will sell to Muslim countries and to emphasize this in these countries. In this way, you will not bear the wrong video production costs and create a false perception on your customers.

How Long Are Videos Broadcast?

Youtube does not remove videos as long as they comply with the rules. Your videos can be broadcast forever and depending on the quality of the video you will broadcast, Youtube and may rank high in Google searches. Creating original videos in many languages, just like your site rising on Google, YoutubeIt leads to an increase in the result.

Are Export Videos Different?

Of course. Each type of construction has its own characteristics. A promotional film and an advertisement will not be the same, for example, TV series or parody videos are very different productions. The publications you will make must be specially designed, that is, they must be professionally developed with the eyes of the marketer. Since export is a special marketing area, these videos; should be optimized especially in this area.

In what languages ​​can videos be broadcast?

Youtube It does not interfere with what language you will broadcast in. Likewise, you can make video sub-texts in the relevant languages, there is no limitation for this. Even Youtube It displays the videos it will upload as a search result in countries using that language, which means direct access to your target audience.

Besides all these youtube You can publish the videos you have posted on social media platforms, and use the videos prepared for this place as a promotional element on all other platforms. You can make a serious investment in the field of export with a marketing tool that will remain on the air throughout your commercial life and, depending on its quality, will increase day by day. For this, take the first step by contacting marketing experts immediately. Serious traffic will be waiting for you in the long run.

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