Realtors Attention! Without Authorization Certificate Will Not Be Allowed

Real estate agent without authorization will not be able to post
Real estate agent without authorization will not be able to post

Hakan Akdoğan, President of All Entrepreneurial Real Estate Consultants Association (TÜGEM), who made evaluations on the subject, said, “The real estate trade is changing its shell as of January 1st.

Portals will no longer be able to publish their advertisements and become members if real estate businesses do not have authorization documents. In addition, they have to record and conclude the complaints regarding the postings published ”.

"We don't want an extension"

Stating that real estate brokerage activities can only be carried out by businesses that have received Authorization Certificate, Akdoğan said, “We want these inspections and controls to be carried out after 1 January. There should be no other extensions or delays. Nearly 23 thousand businesses that have received authorization certificates expect these applications to start ”.

Let the consumers ask for the Authorization Certificate

TÜGEM President Akdoğan, who also warned the consumers, said, “Consumers should ask the real estate businesses they will work with for their authorization documents in order not to experience victimization, and they should not work with businesses that do not have authorization certificates. In addition, it should not be forgotten that they need to work with real estate businesses on a contract basis in both trading and leasing transactions, ”he said.

Realtors beware!

Akdoğan said for real estate businesses: “Real estate companies cannot enter the advertisement of any real estate for sale or rental without making an authorization agreement. In addition, as of January 1, businesses are required to record information about their real estate consultants and their contracted businesses in the Relocation Trade Information System. The shortcomings should be completed by businesses as soon as possible. "


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