Hygiene studies continue in public transportation vehicles in Ankara

hygiene activities continue in public transport vehicles in Ankara
hygiene activities continue in public transport vehicles in Ankara

Metropolitan Municipality, which does not compromise from the hygiene rules in public transport within the scope of the measures taken against the Covid-19 epidemic in Ankara, continues its cleaning and disinfection efforts without interruption. Health Affairs Department teams 7/24; He continues his hygiene activities in Metro, ANKARAY and EGO buses.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has successfully passed the COVID-19 process with the works that care for public health with the instruction of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, continues without disruption, especially in public transportation vehicles.

The Health Affairs Department teams, who carry out hygiene activities on EGO Buses, Metro and ANKARAY daily, spend an intensive work to ensure that citizens travel peacefully.


Every day, approximately 320 buses, which are taken into service by the General Directorate of EGO, and the wagons in Metro and ANKARAY are cleaned and disinfected every day.

Within the scope of disinfection works, all interior surfaces of the public transportation vehicles that the capitals travel to, the ceiling, the back and bottom parts of the passenger seats, the windows, the billboards, the passenger handle and handle pipes, the door tops, the driver's place, torpedo, glass edges, side and ceiling surfaces, ventilation. covers, all metal surfaces in the vehicle are cleaned with hygienic cleaning materials.

In addition to the detailed cleaning works in the public transportation vehicles of the Metropolitan Municipality, disinfection is carried out against viruses with special disinfectants. The hand disinfectant units that are put in order for the passengers to disinfect their hands are also filled daily and buses are made ready for the trip.


Expressing that his priorities are public health as EGO General Directorate, Head of Bus Management Department of EGO General Directorate Yahya Şanlıer said:

“Since the first day of the Covid-19 epidemic in our country, we continue our disinfection and cleaning studies without interruption. Our daily average 320 buses we provide to the service are regularly disinfected in the 5 regions where they are stored every night. We work intensively with our own cleaning and healthcare teams to provide public transportation services to our citizens in a clean and hygienic environment. ”

Health Affairs Department President Seyfettin Aslan, who examined the disinfection works on site and pointed out that the hygiene works carried out in the public transportation vehicles in the capital city are under the guarantee of the Metropolitan Municipality; “Since the first day when the global epidemic turned into a pandemic, we have been continuing the intense measures we take in our public transportation vehicles with great seriousness and disruption. Our citizens can travel more safely and peacefully due to these measures we have taken. Our teams work day and night without making any concessions on this matter. ”

Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out disinfection and cleaning works in many public transportation vehicles from private public buses to taxis, minibuses and shuttle vehicles during the ongoing pandemic process, and provides free mask support to both transportation shopkeepers and citizens.

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