Ankara metro and ankaray line information

Ankara has a large subway system, especially the construction of the road and the end of the subway network will continue to reach the European level. After the completion of this subway construction, a metro network of 35 km will be formed.
The current metro is 14,6 km. It is a long, double-track, heavy rail system consisting of 12 stations and a warehouse. The route runs in the southeast-northwest direction and connects Batıkent with the city center. You can easily come to Kızılay with the metro system called Ankaray from Aşti (ankara intercity terminal), the entrance gate of the city, and from there you can go to the sunken place by transfer or you can go to the sewing house in Ankara. As you can see from the picture below, the current route of metro and Ankara is like this.

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