Maintenance of Metro Stations

The maintenance of the Metro Stations does not suit the Capital: Ankaray and the Ankara Metro stations, which operate on three different lines, cause visual pollution.

Ankaray and Ankara Metro stations, which continue to serve three different lines, cause irregularity and image pollution.

Some of the stations have broken windows, broken wall coverings, collapsed ceilings, and the disabled walkways have been damaged.

Especially in the Kızılay Metro Bazaar, where all the subways are connected, the deplorable image does not suit the Capital. The fact that the walls are dirty, the ceilings are dirty and many parts are dismantled amazes those who see the shapeless stance of some old ticket sales banquets.

A local resident with an office near the station said, “Frequent escalators and electronic clocks also fail. The bazaar and stations have to be overhauled. Especially the walls and ceiling are shabby. This image does not suit the Capital. ” used expressions.

Another regional shopkeeper said, “Hundreds of thousands of people use it every day. Well maintained, clean, modern stations are the right of our nation. Authorities should end this ugly image as soon as possible. ” used expressions.

Here are some squares from Metro and Ankaray stations:

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