Transportation to Gaziantep City Hospital will be provided by Köprülü Intersection

Gaziantep city hospital will be provided with a broken junction
Gaziantep city hospital will be provided with a broken junction

The countdown has started for the construction of the bridge crossroads and connection roads that are ready for the construction of Gaziantep City Hospital, which is located in the north of the Gaziantep Ring Road by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Highways, and whose construction has come to the stage of completion.

Increasing population due to the increasingly strong industrial dynamics, reviving tourism potential and intense migration in Gaziantep required new transportation solutions. According to the city planning it has realized within this scope, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has previously identified the city's transportation difficulties and has prevented the possible traffic density at every opportunity, is located on the north of the Gaziantep Ring Road and has a construction capacity of 5 thousand 560 people, which will last for a short period of time. An average of 875 thousand people will be used to prevent the possible traffic density of Gaziantep City Hospital and has completed its preparations for the bridge intersection planned on the O-53 highway. As the bridged intersection becomes ready for traffic, the vehicle density to be formed from the Akkent and Mavikent regions will also decrease significantly.

With the project, which was prepared by using Gaziantep City Hospital from the surrounding cities, the bridges and connection roads to be built will provide a much faster transportation without interfering with the city traffic. In this context, 400 Nr Avenue, which is one of the important streets in urban transportation for the transition from the ring road to the hospital, is expected to be intensified due to both the tram level crossings and the connection to the ring road after the opening of the city hospital, and the transition to the hospital will take place easily by using the ring road without any intensity. With the new City Hospital Köprülü Intersection; Traffic on Özdemir Caddesi - Ring Road connection will also be relieved. Thus, the City Hospital connection will be solved both within the city and from the ring road in a short time before the hospital comes into service.

On the other hand, efforts of opening up the zoning roads in the district of Ibni Sina, located in the location where the City Hospital is located, is being continued by the metropolitan teams. Within the framework of the activities carried out before the hospital comes into service, there will be no problems in transportation. Transportation will be provided in more comfortable ways.

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