İmamoğlu Submitted Appeals Regarding Kanal Istanbul Project

imamoglu channel filed an appeal about the istanbul project
imamoglu channel filed an appeal about the istanbul project

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, submitted 2 petitions of objection regarding Kanal Istanbul to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization. Saying, "It is really sad to manage a process with such persistence and persistence, when there is the opportunity to find solutions for investment and urban transformation in Istanbul," said İmamoğlu. There is also a plan for someone to get rich. It is done so publicly. How smart are these people that they took place from agricultural fields 6-7 years ago, 8 years ago. Now those places will be business centers, residences and tourism areas. It is clear who is responsible for the land movements here. In other words, it is a process full of betrayal, over obvious economic, social and national feelings, through urbanism. Therefore, we know that the society will be sensitive and vigilant in this regard. This is not a political issue. It is a national issue. This is Istanbul's struggle for liberation. It is with these feelings that I make my objection. May Allah protect Istanbul from the evil of those who do not believe in reason and science.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluwent to Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization Ataşehir Service Building and submitted two petitions of objection regarding the Kanal Istanbul project. İmamoğlu, "The 1/100.000 Scale Environmental Plan Change for the European Side Reserve Construction Area of ​​the City of Istanbul" and the 1/2 Scale Master Plans for the 3st, 1nd and 5000rd Stages of the 1st, 1000nd and XNUMXrd Stages of the "Istanbul Province Yenişehir Reserve Building Area (Canal Istanbul Project)" /XNUMX Scale Implementation Development Plans” filed their objection petition. Ataşehir Mayor Battal İlgezdi and Kadıköy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı accompanied İmamoğlu during the appeal process.


İmamoğlu made his first evaluations about the appeal process and made it live from his social media accounts while he awaited the approval of his petitions. Emphasizing that Kanal Istanbul is one of the biggest threats for the city in the light of scientific data, İmamoğlu said, “The process related to Kanal Istanbul is hurriedly, bringing this level up and putting its plans on the announcement is a part of a huge betrayal of Istanbul. In this sense, we are starting the initiative. Like our objection to 100 thousand plans before. We both renew it and submit our objection to the 1000 and 5000 plans. After that, we will also follow the legal processes. This will be my personal application and corporate applications. ”


Underlining that the process has no definable side, Imamoğlu said: “While there is an opportunity to find solutions for the investment and urban transformation in Istanbul, it is really sad to manage a process with such persistence. Worse than that, there is planning to make someone rich from this country, this country. So much public is being done. How smart they were that they took places from agricultural fields 6-7 years ago, 8 years ago. Now those places will be the business center, housing, tourism area. It is clear who the terrain movements here are. In other words, it is a process full of betrayal over such an obvious, economic, social, national feelings and urbanism. For this reason, we know that the society will be sensitive and will be alert. We also know that the society is very against this in our measurements. This is not a political issue. It is a national issue. This is the struggle for liberation of Istanbul. I give my objection with these feelings. May Allah protect Istanbul from the evil of those who do not believe in reason and science. ”


After delivering their petitions, Imamoglu came across the cameras and answered journalists' questions on the subject. The questions of journalists and the answers of Imamoglu were:

You are once again at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. What reasons and what did you object to this time on Kanal Istanbul?

“Actually, I both renewed my objection to 100 thousand plans and objected to 10 and 1000 plans that have been suspended for 5000 days. Here in Turkey's history, urbanism and planning-related processes in such a miserable state, probably not experienced such an outrageous situation. Look, I have my mayor friends here. In a place where a planning, an innocent planning, even an earthquake and urban transformation process in Istanbul takes 6,7,8 years, the 5000 and 1000 plan within 6-7 months, hastily with 4 pandemics. In the last process - you are suspending. And you have this much rush, you have this much rush. What is this rush, this rush? What is it for? For whom it is rich. In other words, why is such a rush of betrayal of such a bad Istanbul, perhaps the biggest betrayal, which cannot be described and compared with any betrayal, which has nothing to add to this country? Once this suspension process is over, you are at a level to license the building there. Objections to the EIA report have not been concluded yet. The court process is still ongoing. An appointment is requested for the experts and a letter has been written on all universities in Istanbul. In other words, its scientific leg is incomplete, it is strongly rejected in public conscience. Why is the rush of such a process? Now let me tell you some important things. What should be the current agenda? the occupancy rate of hotels in Istanbul, Turkey 6 percent of the hotels in tourism sector in the north-south combinations in almost all indoor etmiyor- difference. A sector where millions of people eat indirect bread is at the end point. Why is the concrete economy in such a situation where everything is questioned and examined in the world? Why is the construction? There is not even a description of the economic crises that await us in September, October and November during the pandemic process. ”


“Everyone is cautious and cautious. We are borrowed. Sometime 75 billion, sometime 65 billion, then 118 billion, then 100 billion ... Look, I'm saying; 100 billion pounds, they have their own promotions. So what is this promotion?

In the housing fair held in a city in France, they introduced this project as 100 billion dollars. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has its own official advertisement. The ministry is in the background of this ad. Only this work is 30 billion liras to ISKI; Because of the lines we displaced last year. You will make 8 bridges on the canal. We have 3 units on the bridge together the Republic of Turkey. You will make 8 bridges on a channel. The smallest is 850 meters, the largest is 2 thousand 200 meters. And even though there are no passengers passing through the third bridge, this nation pays for it. Who will you get the money from those who cross those bridges? For God's sake; folks are unemployed. People are happy when they get 1000 lira. The people pray to us that we offered food support packages to 1 million 300 thousand people in the pandemic process. However, we allocate a social aid budget to those people from their own budget. ”


“Why is this rush in such an environment?

Sir, the princess of a country, the prince of a country to be rich. Or how clever people they were, how smart people they are, they are going from those beautiful agricultural fields that were cultivated 7-8 years ago. Today, business center, tourism area or residence zoning to be built in the field of those people are being made. Who is getting rich? This nation does not put his head in the sand in this business. These folks are awake. Allah, this ancient city, this city conquered by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1453, this city, which was saved under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, which was saved under the national struggle of the nation between 5-1918 after 1923 years of occupation, with some ideas that are not based on reason and science bless the evil of people who produce projects.


There is no financial picture of how the channel will be built. When these are not spoken, only zoning plans are on the agenda. How do you evaluate this? It is true that you request an appointment from political party leaders.

"Right. In order to inform all political parties, we have requested appointments from the heads of other political parties, excluding only the President of the Republic of Turkey. Some of them made a comeback. I also have a face-to-face interview. There are also presidents I will present with teleconference. Because everyone should be aware of this threat. We shared all the technical publications we published with them and sent them to their authorities. We will do our best to keep all political parties and then all non-governmental organizations informed until they reach their most concrete information. Will it be made with the build-operate-transfer model you mentioned? I don't even want to discuss them. I didn't even talk about the science side. In other words, the waters will be ruined, and some elements related to earthquakes will be triggered… Even the money mentioned at the moment is enough to solve the urban transformation problem of Istanbul. In Istanbul, where hundreds of thousands of people live in Istanbul with the threat of death, you solve the urban transformation problem of Istanbul with only 100 billion liras. I say clearly, it will provide financing here, contribute to such a project, regardless of the bank name, regardless of the foreign company or foreign institution, regardless of which country, it is part of this betrayal. The Turkish nation also knows if it is necessary to ask for an account. Let's underline that. ”

Which political name will you meet first? Was there a return from Bahçeli?

“Right now, I don't know exactly who's returning to the appointments or not. But I had already given the necessary up-to-date information to our Mr. President last week. With Mr. Akşener and our Good Party Chairman sohbetWe are planned. There are feedbacks from other chairmen. I also know that there are people who want to visit and get information. When all this comes before us, we will share it with you.


Minister Berat Albayrak's agricultural land has come to the agenda that it will become a commercial area…

“Well, he's his own moral problems. Whose land belongs to whom, it does not concern me. I just answered that it is necessary to measure their intelligence. I do not separate any of them; no matter who. Another dimension is the betrayal of the city through the efforts of the people there to get rich. This is basically where we stand. But if you are in that position and you are doing such a job, it is a moral problem. Ask them this question.

So, do you have any new information on this subject?

There is a lot of information. There is a lot of information about land movements. But our topic is, who has no land. So it's not who is going to be rich. To prevent the killing of Istanbul.

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