AgriVirtual-Agriculture and Livestock Machinery Virtual Fair Opened

agrivirtual agriculture and livestock machinery virtual fair opened
agrivirtual agriculture and livestock machinery virtual fair opened

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, agrivirtual-Agriculture and Livestock Machinery, noting that it has 3 different features of the Virtual Fair, "Both agriculture and animal husbandry machinery first 3D virtual exhibition first virtual exhibition and Turkey in the international arena in the industry as well as our own local and national software our first virtual fair. ” said.

With the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Pekcan opened the first "AgriVirtual-Agricultural and Livestock Machinery Virtual Fair" organized by Selcuk University with the local and national software.

Expressing that the whole world is struggling against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic in the field of health as well as in the economic field, Pekcan said that the circulation of people and products was restricted, slowed and trade was difficult.

Underlining that innovative steps should be taken with the normalization process, Pekcan said, “Today, we are pleased to start an important event that will set an example to the world with our entrepreneurs, exporters, and our university. We organized this virtual fair with the support of our Ministry of Commerce, Machinery Exporters Units, Central Anatolian Exporters Units and our Selcuk University. AgriVirtual Agriculture and Livestock Machinery Virtual Fair is a very important step that shows our determination to produce and develop as a Turkish person even under the restrictive conditions we are in. This virtual exhibition at the same time, Turkey and the Turkish manufacturer of the innovation, vision is one of the most beautiful examples that demonstrate the innovative capacity and ability to take part in the digital age. " used expressions.

This exhibition is the third of Pekcan indicating that they have different characteristics, "Both agriculture and animal husbandry machinery industry in the international arena in the first virtual exhibition and Turkey's first 3 both dimensional virtual exhibition is our first virtual fair with our own local and national software." said.

Pointing out that the ministry has begun to rapidly implement virtual trade delegation and virtual fair practices with the epidemic, Pekcan reminded that they started their virtual trade delegation programs in May with Uzbekistan, Kenya, India. Pekcan said that they are planning a trade delegation program for South Korea, Nigeria, Pakistan, Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

Pekcan stated that the first virtual fair, Shoe-Dex 2020 Shoe and Saddlery Fair, successfully realized under the leadership of our Aegean Exporters Union on June 1-3, and that this fair received more attention than expected.

Today in Turkey, indicating that one of the strategic sectors for agricultural machinery sector, for they are very pleased to make the opening of the virtual exhibition Pekcan, said:

“This fair is held with the engineering facilities of Selçuk University. Visitors were allowed to visit the exhibition area in three dimensions with virtual reality. With this aspect, our fair shows a good example of university-industry cooperation. Our companies will also have the opportunity of instant messaging or video calls with their visitors and potential customers in the virtual environment. Overseas representatives of our Ministry invite companies by announcing our virtual fair in the countries where they are located. There is a great interest in our fair website before the fair opens. Today, 61 companies are participating. Our virtual fair provides a great opportunity to our companies, as well as to the leading agricultural / animal husbandry and machinery associations, cooperatives and producers unions in the international market. ”

 “We have always prioritized digitalization”

Pekcan, agriculture and animal husbandry machinery sector drawing attention to predict the volume to reach approximately $ 2020 billion at the global level by 125, Turkey's market size in terms of Germany, followed by Italy and France noted that the fourth.

Explaining that the sector exports 2019 billion dollars as of 1, Pekcan stated that this number does not reflect the potential of the sector and that the fair will be useful in this sense.

Pekcan pointed out that the machinery sector, which stands out with its competitiveness and added value within the framework of the Export Master Plan prepared by the Ministry of Commerce, has been identified as one of the target sectors, “Considering the strategic importance of agriculture and animal husbandry activities in terms of food supply and safety, We must work together to make it even more advanced in its production, design and technology. We are ready to support as a ministry. ” spoke in the form.

Reminding that they support digital activities at the entrance to the market, Pekcan emphasized that they provide up to 100 thousand dollars to the roof organizations that organize virtual fair organizations.

Underlining that they expect the virtual trade delegation and virtual fairs to diversify and continue in the coming period, Pekcan stated that they have joint works with TİM on this matter.

 This week we will introduce ETBİS

Pekcan stated that they always prioritize digitalization in the services they offer and the projects they develop as the Ministry of Commerce, and that they will continue to keep them at the forefront from now on, “We are in an effort and determination to contribute to our country's progress in the field of digital economy and to become one of the few countries in the world.” found the assessment.

Minister Pekcan, stating that they are also working on e-commerce, said, “We will introduce the Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBİS) this week and share our country's first official data in electronic commerce with the public.” he spoke.

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