China Launches Last Navigation of Global Navigation Network BeiDou

genie has launched the last satellite of the global navigation network beido h
genie has launched the last satellite of the global navigation network beido h

The last satellite of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) has been successfully launched at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan province in the southwestern region of China. This is the 55th satellite in the BeiDou family, which means 'Big Dipper' in Chinese. The satellite in question was also sent to space with a carrier rocket called Changzheng-3B (Long Walk). Thus, the BDS satellite constellation construction was completed six months earlier than planned.

The United Nations (UN) Office of Outer Space Affairs has sent a congratulatory video for the successful launch of the satellite and completion of the BDS global network construction. The video also noted that BDS promotes global economic and social development, and its great contribution to the peaceful use of outer space and the involvement of UN space activities in international cooperation is appreciated.

The latest launch shows that the orbital construction of Beidou, one of the country's largest space-based system and one of the four global navigation networks, has been completed with the GPS of the USA, GLONASS of Russia and the Galileo of the European Union.

China will enable the system to operate steadily and reliably and perform perfectly, and will provide users with high-precision global positioning and navigation timing service in any weather. The positioning accuracy of BeiDou worldwide is maximum 10 meters, the speed measurement accuracy is 0,2 meters per second, and the timing accuracy is maximum 20 nanoseconds.

The positioning accuracy of BeiDou in the Asia-Pacific region was determined as 5 meters maximum, speed measurement accuracy maximum 0,1 meters per second, and timing accuracy maximum 10 nanoseconds. 1 second equals 1 billion nanoseconds. The figures above show how high BeiDou's positioning and timing precision is.

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