BOT Projects Turkey's 25 Year Old is gold Mortgage!

BOT projects took the golden years mortgage turkiyenin
BOT projects took the golden years mortgage turkiyenin

The contract value amounts to 140 billion pounds reaching public-private partnerships and build-operate-transfer projects criticized the CHP Deputy Chairman Adviser Erdogan Toprak, noting that get PPP projects under the mortgage Turkey's 25 years, "this money we will get out of his pocket," he said.

It turned out that two ambulance aircraft rented by the Ministry of Health were given a 2-hour “flight guarantee” daily. "Warranty money" is paid as if it flies for two hours every day, whether it flies or not.

Treasury guarantees given to Public Private Partnership projects affect the next 25 years of the economy. Erdoğan Toprak Chief Advisor to the CHP Erdoğan Toprak Sözcüto Başak Kaya Turkey said that under the 25-year mortgage of PPP projects in the description. Cost and warranty prices of PPP projects are as follows:

$ 31 price rises as much as US inflation

• Osmangazi Bridge: The cost of this bridge was estimated at $ 1,2 billion and the total cost including highways was $ 6,5 billion. The initial price of $ 40 for the bridge, which is guaranteed to pass 31 vehicles a day, increases every year as much as the inflation in the USA.

The guarantee income of the Osmangazi Bridge will be 15 billion dollars during the operation period, which will last 7 years and 7,8 months. 2035 million 2019 thousand vehicles passed the bridge, which will be operated until 8, in 486. The number of vehicles that did not pass was 5 million 754 thousand. The cost to the Treasury reached 2019 billion 2 million lira for 35.

• Eurasia Tunnel:During the 70-year operation of the Eurasia Tunnel, which guarantees 4 thousand vehicle passes per day and 25 dollars of fee per vehicle, the amount the company will receive from the state reaches $ 2,6 billion.

The cost of the Eurasia Tunnel was 1,4 billion dollars. Two more could be built with the money the tunnel would have made in 25 years. 25 million 125 thousand vehicle warranty was given annually for the tunnel. While 2019 million 17 thousand vehicles passed in 514, the number of vehicles that did not exceed was 7 million 611 thousand. The cost to the Treasury reached 244 million lira in a year.

 Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge: 2,5 thousand vehicle passes per day were guaranteed for the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and 115 km motorway worth 135 billion dollars. A fee of $ 3 for the Third Bridge and $ 0.08 per kilometer for the highway was guaranteed.

When the actual number of passes does not reach these figures, the state pays the difference to the company. It is calculated that the amount to be paid by the state will be 7 billion dollars and 8 billion dollars for the highway due to the vehicles purchased from vehicles passing during the operating period of 20 years 1,2 months and 6,9 days. The company will earn $ 8,1 billion during this period.

Full warranty for 17 years

• Ankara Station: 2037 million passengers are guaranteed for the station, which will be operated until 106. $ 1,5 will be paid for each and $ 0.5 for each passenger above. The price of 106 million passengers will be $ 159 million. For both arriving passengers and passengers above the guarantee, 3 million 14 thousand dollars came out of the state vault in 996 years.


New Airport:Istanbul Airport was tendered with the build-operate-transfer model and 25 billion 22 million Euros plus VAT for a 152-year operating period. The state gave a 61 percent guarantee. SCT, VAT, customs exemption was provided. Each passenger arriving from the state's safe is 20 Euros for international flights and 5 Euros for domestic flights. The company always wins.

10 billion TL will be paid for 31 city hospitals

 Başakşehir City Hospital: City hospitals built with a public-private partnership modeli 10 city hospitals can be built with the rental fees paid and to be paid for. The payment to be made in three years as the usage fee of 10 city hospitals is shown as 31 billion 45 million liras and 4 billion 349 million liras of this amount was paid in 2017-2019. For 2020, 5 billion 679 million TL special allowance has been allocated. For city hospitals built and to be built between 2017-2022, 30 billion 530 million liras are paid for rent and service.

Guaranteed even for flight!

A daily 2-hour flight guarantee was provided for 2 ambulance planes where the Ministry of Health was rented from a company based in Qatar. The planes were rented for 4 million TL for 126 years. The company received a daily two-hour warranty. Even if the planes do not fly, they will charge 2 hours a day.

No population as guaranteed

• Victory Airport: The number of passenger guarantees given at Zafer Airport, which will be operated for 28 years, is approaching the population of Kütahya, Afyon and Uşak in the region where 1,6 million people live. Only 5 percent of the annual passenger guarantee is realized. 2019 million Euros were paid in 5.

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