The Heart Of The Game Industry Will Beat In Izmir

the game sector's heart will beat in Izmir
the game sector's heart will beat in Izmir

Turkey's most comprehensive entrepreneurship contest games "Next Game Startup" will be held in Izmir. Successful entrepreneurs will open up to the world competition from Turkey's President Soyer online Speaking at a press conference, "the game will be released from Izmir initiatives, Turkey in the global gaming industry can carry up to much. The heart of the game world will beat in İzmir. ”

The gaming industry has grown with each passing day Izmir in Turkey will sign an important activity in this area. Within the scope of Intel ESL Gaming Fest 2020, the award winning game entrepreneurship competition, which aims to support young entrepreneurs and to open new ideas that can become millions of dollars of investments, will be held in Izmir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality hosted İZFAŞ and Turkey will be held in cooperation with the ESL Startup Next Game - Game çevirimiç Entrepreneurship Contest was announced at a press conference. Izmir Speaking at the meeting Mayor Tunç Soyer, in recent years, noting that grow rapidly on a global scale of the gaming industry, "forthcoming from Izmir game initiatives, Turkey in the global gaming industry can carry a much higher. The heart of the game world will beat in İzmir. ”

We will reveal the potential

Reminding that the size of the game industry is 152 billion dollars globally, President Soyer continued his speech as follows: “If we make a comparison, the value of the sports industry in the world is 488,5 billion dollars. The movie industry is $ 136 billion, and the music industry is $ 19,1 billion. These figures show how big the gaming industry is and the potential it carries. The Turkey game market with volume of over $ 850 million ranks 18th in the world. Every year we witness the success of our domestic initiatives worldwide in the field of play. Peak Games, which was established in Istanbul in 2010, is sold to one of the biggest game companies in the world with a figure of 1,8 billion dollars, an important example of the success and potential of the game initiatives in our country. It is possible to reveal this potential. As long as we let us do our best to evaluate the opportunities and advantages of the game world in the most effective way and without wasting time. I am sure that our place in this ranking will go up quickly with other works in our country like this festival. ”

Izmir will make a difference

Mentioning that İzmir has created a suitable city ecosystem for new investments, technological innovations and creative productions, Soyer said, “We are building this with the vision of a city coalition together with all stakeholders in our city. We also attach great importance to hosting INTEL ESL Gaming Fest, the most important game and e-sports organization of our country, and supporting entrepreneurs because of its contribution to İzmir. Attempts game will be released from Izmir, Turkey in the global gaming industry can carry up to much. With Intel ESL Gamingfest, the heart of the game world will beat in İzmir. Breathe in Izmir and Izmir to develop will spread to Turkey. For this, we are ready to put our hands under the stone. We will continue to support game entrepreneurship. ”

Write your game

Izmir Chamber of Commerce President Mahmut Özgener said that they want to make İzmir one of the favorite cities of entrepreneurship and innovation, and they will take part in every event that will support the game sector, which is among the sectors they will focus on.

Maurits Tichelman, Vice President of Intel EMEA Region Sales and Marketing, pointed out that more people stepped into the game industry during the pandemic process and stated that the game industry continued to grow rapidly and turned into a large industry. Tichelman stated that they will advance this sector with new entrepreneurs and by focusing on İzmir, it is important to do so.

Intel META Retail Sales Director Ali Riza Small, e-sports that their journey to grow the industry that gave a nice contribution to Turkey's economy, he said. Küçük said, “With the competition we organized within the scope of this festival, we now call young people 'play games, write your game'. We started this project with the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. We want to enable young people to make their dreams come true and ensure that they become entrepreneurs worldwide. ”

for their contribution to the organization of festivals and competitions Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer thanking ESL Turkey General Manager Gokhan Kazar is to create interference fields in the gaming industry for young people in Turkey, the objectives of this project, entrepreneurs and investors to get your attention to the game industry and Turkey in this sector He said that getting him to an important place.

There is a reward for the winners

Projects to be delivered by 15 July will be evaluated according to the criteria of team structure, exemplary product, financial and marketing valuation and knowing the investment need. Next Game Startup's kazanmoments will be determined after the presentations of the finalists at the 89th Izmir International Fair in September. It will be possible to participate in the competition, in which games developed on mobile, desktop and console platforms will be evaluated, with completed, project or demo products. Tiplay and Rollic Games will provide an advance fund of 1 million TL within the scope of oFON to the startups that entered the top ten in the competition. If the startups are successful and generate income, they will have the opportunity to develop their projects with the financial support they will receive in the form of repayments. The winner will be awarded 25.000 TL, the second 15.000 TL, and the third 10.000 TL. In addition, promotion and mentorship support will be given to the top three entrepreneurs. In addition to the cash prize, the top three games will be provided with service support of more than 200 thousand liras. Co-working space and office support competition in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Denizli. kazanmoments will be provided.

Great luck for young people

Creating employment areas for young people in the game industry, attracting the attention of entrepreneurs and investors to the game industry, combining innovation and entrepreneurship with the game industry, strengthening the game industry with new ventures and business models, paving the way for new venture ideas that can become millions of dollars in investments in the growing game industry every day and innovation. details for the competition, which aims to carry entrepreneurship to İzmir in the playground. available on the website.

Event sponsor of Monster Notebook, Teknosa and HepsGamer; Tiplay, rollick and Game Factory 'Among other supporters of the contest is to support as a sponsor games İzmir Development Agency, Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Masomo, I, Marketing Turkey, taking place daily Bü and my

The important names of the game industry are in the jury

The jury of the competition consists of names in the game industry: Tiplay Studio Co-Founders Ahmet Öney, Mehmet Umut Ermeç, Osman Tutum, Next In Game Agency Director Aykut Özdemir, Monster Notebook Strategy and Business Development Director Cem Framioğlu, Rollic Games Co-Founder Burak Vardal, Rollic Games Publishing Director Utku Erdinc, ESL Turkey General Manager Gokhan Kazar and peak Demirsu is, GAMFED Turkey founder Ercan Altug Yilmaz, Founding Partner Hasan Yasar, Intel Retail Sales Director Koray stars, Game Factory Founder Murat Hero, Masomo Business and Partnership Development Manager Rudi Diriman is the founder of Women in Games Simay Dinç and Oyunder founder Tansu Kendirli.

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