Stabilization Works on Manavgat Gündoğmuş Road

stabilization work is on the way to manavgat gundogmus
stabilization work is on the way to manavgat gundogmus

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to work feverishly in the districts. Metropolitan Municipality is doing stabilization on the group road that provides transition from Manavgat district to Gündoğmuş district.

Infrastructure teams of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department remove the deformed areas of Çavuşköy, Uzunlar, Halitağalar and Çamlıtepe neighborhoods of Manavgat with construction machinery over time, clearing the waterways by putting plows on the determined areas so that the rain water does not disturb the road. Rural Services teams are rolling the material brought from the stove and compacting it with a roller. The 20 km group road, which passes from Manavgat to Gündoğmuş district, will become more comfortable after the completion of the works.

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