Turkey, National Breathing Apparatus with World Continues To Be A Breath

turkey is going to breathe underwater world with national breathing apparatus
turkey is going to breathe underwater world with national breathing apparatus

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank noted that the intensive care respirator, one of the most important needs in the fight against the global epidemic Covid-19, was produced locally and nationally in record time, "As of today, we have exported more than a thousand intensive care respirators."

Minister Varank, who attended the Kayseri Chamber of Industry (KAYSO) Consultation and Evaluation Meeting with video conference method, said the following in his speech:

SUCCESS STORY: Turkey, struggling with performance demonstrated during this period, writes a unique success story. Our actions come to life without wasting time with the coordination of all ministries. With a holistic approach; we consider both the health of our citizen and economic sustainability. During the epidemic period, the Turkish industry and the R&D ecosystem we built from scratch in 18 years have been our faces.

INNOVATIVE PROJECTS: We produced the intensive care respirator, which is one of the most important needs that all countries are pursuing, in record time. As of today, we have exported more than a thousand intensive care respiratory equipment. Under the leadership of TÜBİTAK, we undertake pioneering works in the field of vaccine and drug development. Innovative projects that will make our country known to the world in the diagnostic kit and diagnostic systems are continuing rapidly.

NORMALIZATION STEPS: Turkey spends a quarter of the field by fighting alongside this period. Healthcare professionals, factory workers, scientists and entrepreneurs reveal their talents for the future of this country. At the point we have reached, we are entering a period in which the course of the epidemic changes. Normalization steps are taken. We now need to maintain a different lifestyle than the pre-epidemic period.

ECONOMIC CONTROLLER: We want to make the best use of the opportunities offered by the post-epidemic period. We will focus on policies that will increase our competitiveness and productive investments. The economic conjuncture has started to recover. Since the beginning of May, we have been receiving positive signals from the real sector for normalization.

TRUST INDICATORS: With the revival in the automotive and textile sectors, electricity consumption is increasing in OIZs. Consumer and real sector confidence indices are moving upwards. Confidence indicators are rising in the service, retail trade and construction sectors as well. So there is a revival in domestic demand. Industrialists; they often started talking about investment, exports and opportunities in front of our country.

NEW NORMALINE RULES: Turkey may be one of the countries that determine the rules of the new normal with the steps it will take. The concept of trust will be at the center of all economic activities in the coming period. Well; Those who focus on areas such as safe production, safe trade, and safe tourism will be in the new era. kazanThere will be moments.

GREAT JOBS TO YOU: You have a great job in the post-corona period. New production centers will begin to form in the global economy. At this point, there are important opportunities in front of our country. Kayseri can attract many foreign investments with its advantages. At this point, you have to push international cooperation opportunities. Find ways to collaborate with international companies.

DOMESTIC POLICY: Technology Oriented Industry Mobility Program is the most unique policy implemented in the field of localization in our country to date. We will announce the results of our call in the machinery industry soon. In July, we will announce new calls to other sectors. These calls should be followed closely. This program is open to everyone who wants to be stronger in their supply chains and aims to improve their production capabilities.


In addition to Minister Varank, Kayseri Governor Şehmus Günaydın, Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç, Kayseri Chamber of Industry President Mehmet Büyüksimitçi, Kayseri Chamber of Commerce President Ömer Gülsoy, Kayseri OSB Chairman Tahir Nursaçan and Kayseri Free Zone Vice Chairman Yılmaz Büyüknalbant, Kayseri Mimarsinan OSB Chairman Mehmet Karabulut also participated.

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