President Soyer Examines South Gediz Delta Project On Site

president soyer examined the southern gediz deltasi project on site
president soyer examined the southern gediz deltasi project on site

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer examined the 'Natural Route' project on site, covering the southern part of the Gediz Delta. Mayor Soyer said that this natural area, which hosts dozens of birds, especially flamingos, and thousands of species, will be integrated with İzmir by walking and cycling routes. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of Turkey's most important natural habitat that is home to thousands of species and a southern part of the Gediz Delta 'Route Nature' aims to create. Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, together with the municipal bureaucrats, examined the project covering the beach from Bostanlı to the Çiğli Purification plant on site.

Saying that there is no other metropolitan city that produces flamingos within the city limits, President Soyer said, “When I was on duty, I said that I would be the mayor of flamingos, land and sea. We are working with the aim of İzmir being a city compatible with nature. We will ensure the integration of the city with forests and natural areas. İzmir will become an exemplary city with its living parks and green corridors. The natural habitat so close to the city and so well preserved is very few in the world. We will make everyone see this richness under the nose of Izmir. We will put this route among the '10 activities to be done before the death' for the people of Izmir. ” Bird Watching Sasalı Ahmet Piriştina Street is planning to integrate the Gediz Delta with the city, which aims to improve the existing roads with natural materials from the Degaj area. Dirt roads that are not in good physical condition will be made suitable for walking, biking and battery powered vehicles and will be turned into an observation and sightseeing route. Thus, visitors of the route will have the opportunity to see the beauties of the delta more easily, to observe birds, wildlife and to spend time in nature. The project, which covers areas owned by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the southern part of the delta, aims to strengthen the link between the city and nature. UNESCO application Gediz Delta, where İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has applied for official candidacy to be included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List, covers an area of ​​40 thousand hectares. Gediz Delta, one of the most valuable natural areas of our country, is not well known even though it is located next to a big metropolis like İzmir. The South Sea Delta Project, which was prepared to bring the Gediz Delta to the city life that the Izmirians could not discover, aims to protect the southern part of the delta with all its values ​​and to perform different nature activities in the area. While doing this, precautions will be taken to prevent flamingos, crested pelicans and many bird species from being affected negatively by humans.



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