Medina High Speed ​​Train Station

medina fast train station
medina fast train station

The Turkish company Build Center has built the Medina High Speed ​​Train Station, which is part of the 450 km long Haremeyn High Speed ​​Train Project, which connects the cities of Mecca, Jeddah, King Abdullah Economic City and Medina, which is finished in Saudi Arabia. The station serves 200 thousand people a day.

Facilitates Transportation in Hajj and Umrah

Within the scope of the project, a building, parking lot, fire station, helipad and mosque structures of 155.000 square meters have been realized by Yapı Merkezi. 200 thousand people travel daily with the project that will contribute to facilitating transportation between the two holy cities, especially during Hajj and Umrah.

3 thousand 2 km of railway was built on 600 continents

Yapı Merkezi, which has been producing worldwide projects in the field of transportation, infrastructure and general contracting since 1965, has completed 2016 kilometers of railway and 3 rail system projects in 2 continents by the end of 600. Providing safe transportation of more than 41 million passengers a day around the world, Yapı Merkezi completed 2 with the Eurasia Tunnel Project, which connects the Asian and European continents for the first time under the seabed with a road tunnel, and the 2016 Çanakkale Bridge tender was awarded to the Joint Venture Group, including Yapı Merkezi. kazanhad been.

About Medina High Speed ​​Train Station

For the turnkey construction of the Mecca and Medina stations, which are the second package of the first phase of the 450 km long Harameyn High Speed ​​Train Project to be built between Makkah-Jeddah-King Abdullah Economic City and Medina in Saudi Arabia, Yapı Merkezi-Saudi Bin Laden Investment was made within the framework of the contract signed between the Group Consortium and the Saudi Railway Corporation.

  • Project Name Medina High Speed ​​Train Station
  • Architectural Project Foster & Partners -UK
  • Main Contractor Building Center
  • Mechanical Contractor Thermo Structure
  • Project Construction Area 170 000 m2
  • Project Investment Amount 450 000 000, $

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