Coronavirus Warnings to Heart Patients

coronavirus warnings to heart patients
coronavirus warnings to heart patients

Professor Dr. Timur Timurkaynak said, “They should keep their blood pressure and sugar in check. Frequent washing of hands is a must. To keep the immune system strong, regular sleep, healthy nutrition, Mediterranean cuisine-based nutrition, should reduce excessive alcohol consumption, and immediately get rid of smoking. ”

Saying that Covid-19 disease seems to have a relationship with age, Prof. Dr. Timur Timurkaynak said, “The data obtained shows that the mortality rates under the age of 50 are below 1 percent. Especially in the age of 60-70, it reaches 5 percent. We lose 70 percent of those aged 80-10, and 80 percent of those over 20. Age is of course not responsible for this situation alone. Our risk of death increases as our chronic diseases increase as we age. But this does not mean that young people are protected from these diseases, nothing happens to them. Everyone needs to be protected. ”


Timurkaynak said that since the number of hospitals and health personnel in the summer regions is quite low, it may not be enough to fight complicated diseases such as Covid-19, “It is very important that you do not leave your homes. Stay at home, stay in big cities. If you have any health problems, take advantage of the opportunities in the big cities. It is not yet time to go to the cottages. ”


Timurkaynak, who said that Coronavirus taught us the importance of primary protection that we have been telling our patients for years, said: "The virus does not kill, but the unhealthy lifestyle and the diseases that follow this style," he said:

  • Not having blood pressure,
  • Not having diabetes,
  • Not gaining weight,
  • To exercise,
  • Not smoking,
  • Eating healthy,
  • Healthy sleep
  • To exercise

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