Ministry of Interior issues a Travel Permit Circular for Tea Harvesting

interior ministry published travel permit circular for tea harvest
interior ministry published travel permit circular for tea harvest

A circular on the travel document of tea producers / producers was sent to the 81 provincial governorships of the Ministry of Interior. Our city, Ankara, Balikesir, Bursa, Eskisehir, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Izmir, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Manisa, Sakarya, Samsun, Van and Zonguldak, and one or more of these provinces on their travel routes, have been residing with the circular. and the citizens who are registered to Çaykur, will be able to travel to the provinces where the tea gardens are located, on Tuesday, 2020, on the condition that they will receive a Travel Permit Certificate for the first cut fresh tea harvest in 19.05.2020.

Tea maker; Travel Permit applications for tea harvesting will start from 199:14 on Thursday, May 09.00 through the e-government e-application system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Alo XNUMX Loyalty Support System. Only tea producers registered in Çaykur can apply to obtain a Travel Permit Certificate. It will also be able to make a request to issue a Travel Permit for those who are compulsory accompanied by tea producers / producers and who will provide access to tea producers.

Applications can be made on the e-Application and Alo 199 Loyalty Support System of our e-Government Ministry.

During the application to be made through the e-government Ministry of Internal Affairs e-application system and Alo 199 Loyalty Support System, the applicant and his accompanying persons; Covid-19 home isolation query, whether he is a tea producer registered with Çaykur and whether his accompanying persons are among the companions, will be done automatically through the system.

For those who do not have a problem in the Covit-19 query and meet the necessary conditions, the Travel Permit Document will be issued directly through the system without being subject to an approval process.

Tea producers / producers will not be present for 14 days in the provinces where they go for tea harvest during the application, outside the tea garden and the tea delivery area; He will make a commitment to comply with social isolation rules, to wear masks at tea reception centers and similar matters while conducting his business. Those who request Travel Permit Certificate will be deemed to have accepted these conditions.

Travel Permit will be valid one way

A Travel Permit will be issued for those whose requests are deemed to be valid one way. Those who have been issued a Travel Permit will be required to stay in the provinces they have visited for 30 days. Those who will provide the transportation of tea preparations will be able to return within 72 hours.

Sms will be informed to those whose permission application is accepted

The ones whose permission applications are accepted will be informed via short message service (SMS) without any need for a document. Approved Travel Permit Documents will be forwarded simultaneously to the governorships of the provinces they will go to and the databases of the general law enforcement units in order to provide the necessary controls and ensure the necessary coordination.

Tea producers who are issued a Travel Permit Certificate will be able to travel with a tea harvest from 19:24.00 on Tuesday, May XNUMX.

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